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Women- Bringing A Community Together.

community bonfire Halloween

A community that has recently been stricken with an awful letter spewing words of hate has come together once again to celebrate Halloween, thanks to two women.

community unitedI have lived in the community for 10 years, and have driven past this beautiful log cabin nestled on a wooded plot, hundreds, if not thousands of times. The owners always decorate for each holiday adding excitement and warmth to the street. This year I finally gave into to all the hype and joined in on the festivities. Cue in all the feels.

Halloween community two womenThe front yard was set up for a party. Awesome decorations, great conversations and an amazing atmosphere. These women put together a feast!  Full of sandwiches, tomato pies, sushi, sausage,  desserts, candy, cocktails and love. Yes, love. Because what else would motivate you to offer up so much of your time and money for strangers? Hundreds of people must have stopped by on their trick or treating travels, each excited and happy to be a part of something so pure. food Halloween community

Food Community women HalloweenHalloween community womencommunity women HalloweenWhile standing there, looking around, watching the kids play, the adults embracing each other, a strong sense of community came over me. It was so powerful and overwhelming that it brought tears to my eyes. In 2017, when there is constant news of hate and death, and my outlook on people is crap, here are two fabulous women restoring my faith in humanity. The look of joy on their faces as more people stepped up for a drink or food was incredibly inspiring and humbling. Briefly chatting with them and realizing they just enjoy seeing people in merriment, and are truly not looking for anything in return, was incredibly heart warming.

Halloween women community love A small gesture, made all the difference, if only for one night. Imagine if we all made a small gesture, how amazing our community would be. Because of their generosity, their family and friends’ time and support, Halloween this year was just a little sweeter.

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