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What You Need To Know- Justice for Workplace Misconduct


Dirty, Filthy, Rich executives. 

Arrogant, self righteous assholes. 

The amount of them is obnoxious and right under our noses. 

Hollywood’s worst kept secret has been unveiled and the amount of women he has victimized is unreal. Harvey Weinstein numerous attempts to turn Hollywood’s starlets into Hollywood harlots,  is an embarrassment to all powerful male executives.  The amount of power given to one man that he has the ability to silence massive media influencers is unforgiving, makes my heart hurt and boils the blood in my body. 

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Coming in on the heels of Bill Cosby (trash) this ideology has no color. Not in any way is it okay to harass, manipulate, or assault a woman (or man). EVER. 

executives Bill Cosby
NORRISTOWN, PA – JUNE 16: Actor Bill Cosby arrives at Montgomery County Courthouse as Bill Cosby Trial Continues After Defense Rests on June 16, 2017 in Norristown, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/WireImage)

While the headlines are appalling and upsetting, they needed to come to light and while I am incredibly heart broken for all the women involved, I am happy that this subject has been breached and he is finally being held responsible for his actions. The sheer magnitude of the women he has harassed and assaulted goes to show just how much money and power have influence over individuals. It is infuriating to know that this man could make or break a person’s career, and that many felt the need to compromise themselves to attain their goals. No one should ever have to compromise who they are to be what they want. 

Women are amazing. We are beautiful. Smart. Kind. Strong. We should be should be held in high regard. We can do things men cannot, and we should be respected. 



Aretha Franklin doesn’t lie. 

All the secrets. 

What good can come of a secret?

For years women have been holding in this massive secret. There have been leaks here and there but Horrible Harvey and many men like him, have been hiding and ducking behind this scandal and scandals alike. What good has keeping secrets done?

Many have furthered their careers, but at what cost? The reminders of what has happened cannot be silenced. These are not their secrets to keep, they are not at fault and should not feel guilty. It is time let these secrets out, all of them. Let it out and move forward.

Another headlined workplace misconduct in the recent years surrounded a pop star Kesha. She fell victim to another despicable executive and was forced into silence until she could not longer keep the secret. She continues to fight. While her demons may still come back with vengeance, she is holding the party accountable and is thriving! Her new album is an ode to empowering women, being true to who you are and perseverance. Her struggle has been en-capsuled in her lyrics which are both jarring and powerful. 

 As much as I would like to say this situation is limited to the entertainment industry, we all know that is a false statement. From politics to housekeeping, I am sure more often than not, every woman has encountered a form of harassment in one way or another. These issues should be brought to light immediately. Women need to have a voice and they need to be heard. It is not a matter of being sensitive or offended it is a matter of respect. 

We need to work harder at supporting our fellow women. At standing up for what is right even when it will initially effect us negatively. Nothing will change unless we change it. 

Let’s start the discussion, join me on my forum page and let’s empower each other to bring this issue to the forefront so that we can stop them before they start. 






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