Vino Pairings

wine pairings vino

When it comes to Vino we all have our favorites.

Kendall Jackson Sauvignon Blanc, Mark West Pinot Noir and Pinor Noir’s dry Rose. Are my go tos.  They are relatively inexpensive and offer the same tasting experience in each bottle. These wines are not headache inducing and  they aide in my dining experience. 

I recently attended a wine tasting at a friends house. I learned some things about wine; their flavor combinations, smelling, swishing, the way to simply enjoy a glass and most importantly savor the flavor. 


I take what I have learned and try to pair my vino with what I am serving. I particularity pay attention while having a dinner party. While I do not care for all types of wine, I do make it a point to try at least one glass.

Below are some super easy helpful infographics from wine blogs around the interwebs. I hope they are as useful to you as they are to me! 

Happy pairings! 

And don’t forget to throw your own symposium!!

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