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Thirsty Thursday in your Thirties

thirsty thursday in your 30s

Thirsty Thursdays has an entirely different meaning in your thirties.

Long away are the days of hot, sweaty bodies gyrating to the sickest beat. Going to bed at 2 am waking at 6 am without the slightest slow in your step. And the ability to wear the same size in every store!  

club dancing As much as I miss the energy and the carefree lifestyle of my early twenties, there are so many things about my thirties that I love. 

  1. Zero f*cks to give
    1. I am finally confident in who I am. 
      1. I do not need to impress you, I am amazing and it is ok if our personalities clash. We do not have to be friends.
      2. I love a good tune, and my hips don’t lie. I will break out some dance moves at any moment and I do not care what anyone thinks. 
    2. No FOMO here
      1. It is ok if a group of friends gets together without me. I do not need to be invited to everything, I am sure I will catch up with them soon. 
  2. I know what I want
    1. I know what makes me happy. I know how to attain that happiness.
    2. I surround myself with like minded positive people. I weed out the unnecessaries and I do not feel bad about it. 
    3. I set goals and realistic steps to achieve them.
  3. I have made mistakes and I now I know better
    1. I have tried and failed, a lot.  I used to lose my spirit when this happened, but now I look at it as an opportunity. An opportunity to try again, better this time. Now that I know things. Unlike Jon Snow. 
  4.  I can cook, really amazing things
    1. I can follow a recipe like a boss. I can make a delicious meal within 30 minutes (thank you Rachel Ray) healthy, hearty meals at my finger tips. 
  5. No more $2 you call its, I prefer a nice glass of wine
    1. I have developed a taste for wine. I will no longer have heartburn after a long night of drinking Long Island Iced teas. And guess what? My preferred wine is under $15 a bottle. I do not need to drink expensive wine to impress anyone. 
  6. Sundays
    1. They are no longer for nursing a hangover. They are for BRUNCH. Yes, Brunch. Brunch is amazing and everyone should do it. And now I can afford it!
  7. Sleep 
    1. Sleep is awesome, and very important. Now that I understand that, you can catch me taking a nap at any time of the day. Naps are nice. 
  8. Automobiles
    1. I drive a nice car, a nice new car. I can afford a nice new car with 4 doors because I am thirty and that is important. 
  9. I am tough
    1. I have weathered the storm of middle &  high school , college and my twenties. I have developed a tough skin and not much can penetrate that barrier. 
  10. Gratitude
    1. I am thankful for what I have. I am thankful for the people in my life. I am thankful for that delicious cup of coffee, that crisp glass of wine, the extra long hug my son gives me before he gets on the bus for school. I appreciate things now more than ever. 

So now that I am in my thirties and Thirsty Thursday has an entirely different meaning, I am embracing it and excited for what is to come. 


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