The Cell Atlas


Mind Blown

If you are like me and cannot understand why in this day in age, we haven’t figured cell atlas MIT out how to cure cancer, why some people store fat in some places and others store no fat at all, and why my one son is way more athletic than my other, this new technology will hopefully shine some light on these baffling questions. There are theories and studies that have some answers but we still are unable to get to the core of these issues.  Genetics play a large role, but clearly it is not the only role. The Cell Atlas comprehensive technology is still 5 years out but we are that much closer to getting the answers we need.

The people over at MIT,  in collaboration with other institutes are working on some breakthrough technology to get us these answers that have been previously so far out of reach.

I am not at all scientifically inclined. I wish I had the brain for it but I get lost with terminology and concepts. Wouldn’t it be great  to be considered a trailblazer? Someone who makes a mark on this world and be on the cutting edge of discovery. How cool would it be to be the person who cures cancer? The person who is referenced in textbooks? The Pulitzer Prize winner? That would be amazing.

I am excited to see what is in store for us in the future. I am happy that we live in a society today that continues to search for answers and understands the importance of technological advancement.

Check out this article. What are your thoughts?

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