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These days not much can be done without the aid of technology. I cannot fathom being without my iPhone in hand. I know to some this sounds absolutely ridiculous but it really is an extension of me and my life. rose gold iphone I am able to capture moments through photos taken on the camera on my phone, able to check the weather to make sure my kids and myself are dressed properly, I am able to ensure a store is open before bundling up the kids and putting them in the car, I can order a pizza on the way home from a long day at work, I can turn the lights on in my house so Lady Louise isn’t sitting there in the dark all by herself until one of us gets home. That is just my phone!

This page is reserved for all the new techie stuff that I find fascinating and super helpful. Feel free to add any insights or comment on any articles!
250x300 iDL46 Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio

Technologies to note:

empowered women empower women
The news is terrible. At every turn it seems like there is a mass shooting, a natural disaster, a financial crisis, hate.... The positives are few and far between so I set out to find some greatness to focus on. Below are some women, from many generations marking the world ...
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apple iOS 11
For all my techie friends, I was not impressed with the iPhone 8 series or even the iPhone X. Yea it has face recognition, a really fast processor, and a super cool camera but for the $1000 price tag it better come with a chauffeur, a chef and a cabana ...
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google ipad
GOOGLE is in some hot water.. Come on Google, I expected more from you. You are THE search engine, you want to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe , how to change the oil in a car, best places to work "Google it". I have a great relationship with ...
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Mind Blown If you are like me and cannot understand why in this day in age, we haven't figured out how to cure cancer, why some people store fat in some places and others store no fat at all, and why my one son is way more athletic than my ...
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Facebook Facebook debut when I was in college and at the time it was exclusive to college students and the requirement was a college email address. It was brilliant, and it continues to grow and extend its reach. While some millennials consider Facebook to be "for old people" I have ...
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360 camera 360 fly 4 K
Selfie Selfie Selfie??? According to MIT Inexpensive cameras that make spherical images are opening a new era in photography. What that means for us? A pretty cool way to show people your perspective while doing things. For our selfie loving adventurous friends this will be an amazing way to show ...
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