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Teacher Assignments

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My current situation……



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Time of year when we are awaiting our teacher assignments. This sets the precedent for the year to come. I am anxiously awaiting what teachers are going to influence my children for 180 days.  And of most importance to my children, which friends will grace their presence everyday in class.

I love me some technology, it is amazing when it WORKS!

Note the above screen grab of the homepage of our school districts page. My current position at an internet company gives me a bit more insight into websites, so I am particularly peeved that the district does not opt for a higher powered server to welcome the mass amount of instances at one given time. #firstworldproblems Yes, I am aware that patience is a virtue and it isn’t the worst thing to have to wait out but I am still an eager beaver over here excited for the 2017/2018 school year to commence!

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I am hopeful that my kids will embrace their new classrooms, new teachers and new friends this year. I am equally excited that we will be back in a routine. Importantly, I am excited to have less mommy guilt that I am working long days and away from them for much of the summer. Mommy guilt is the absolute worst and I would like to alleviate that feeling ASAP. So all around the anticipation is killing me!!



For all the moms out there in my current situation, I feel you gurl! Although I feel like August and September are two of the busiest months of the year; here’s to hoping everyone gets the teachers they want, the school year to start smoothly, and the start to the prettiest season of the year…


What did the pencil sharpener say to the pencil?
Stop going in circles and get to the point. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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