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Meet the Candidate- Sara Campbell-Szymanski for State Representative

Now that the local elections have been decided, many candidates are starting their campaigns for the upcoming elections. Candidate Sara Campbell-Szymanski is kicking off her campaign and excited for the months to come. Join me as I follow her campaign trail and offer some insight on her progress.   Sara is running for State Representative …

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Appetizers To Please Appetites On Thanksgiving

thanksgiving dinner recipes holidays

The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in the US. Families and friends gather around to share food and love. Spending hours cleaning, prepping, cooking, eating, napping and cleaning up again. It is a family tradition, a fun and exhausting one, especially for women. This year will be the …


Who Was Elected, And Why It Is Important.

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Ever since the election of our current President, our country has been in turmoil. Yesterday, we had our chance to get back on our feet and we are working to close a large gap when it comes to balancing ideology. Independent of your political affiliations, these new officials have made history, and should be celebrated. …

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Bridgette Petrino- Mommy Needs A Timeout

Petrino mommy needs a timeout

Bridgette is the Founder & Owner of Mommy Needs a Timeout. Once she became a mom she poured everything into her kids, and left nothing for herself. This eventually led to her having a breakdown, and that is when Mommy Needs a Timeout was born. Now she reconnects moms with their identities outside of being …

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Do I need a Keith Mann? Do you?

witchsy penelope and kate

I am embarking on a new venture. This website. I have huge dreams and plans for this site and am super excited to get things going.  My plan is to have this  brand well-known and well-received. Looking to get “merch” (as my kids call it) or “swag” (as I call it) for promos for my …

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Women are better investors than men!!

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SAAAYYY WHHHHAAATTT!  Let’s be honest, women are better at many, many things. According to https://www.cnbc.com/2016/02/25/the-best-investment-moves-for-women-now.html women hold $11.2 trillion in investable assets. The main obstacle we face is lack of confidence. We have the money, we have the education but the financial confidence is lacking. Check out the article above, and see how one element can …