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The Sinner ( a must watch)

the sinner USA TV


    1. Go to your DVR
    2. Search The Sinner on USA, press record
    3. Exit out of that screen and hit ON DEMAND
    4. Get your self a glass of wine/water/ or cup of coffee, or whatever you drink and a fabulous snack and start watching the first couple episodes. ( you can find some great wine and snack pairings here)
    5. Get your snuggy and get comfy. 
    6. Press play. 



The Sinner  is amazeballs! Rotten Tomatoes gave it a startling 93% on the tomato reader and they could not be anymore right!

I am an avid horror/suspense/thriller TV/movie watcher. Good shows like this are few and far between. Full disclosure, this show is not for the faint at heart. 

The first episode starts out simply. A woman is working with her husband at the family business, and doing a damn good job, goes to her in laws for dinner (again), picks up her son, goes home, and has dutiful sex with her husband. The next morning, after cleaning her kitchen she with her family in tow, set out for a beautiful day at the lake. 

She sees a friend and her children, offers her hellos and promptly finds a nice spot to settle in. She needs a moment to herself (as all moms do) and decides to go for a swim. Swimming is a great way to drown out the noise, exersize and regroup. I can totes relate to that. 

This is when things start to get a bit off. There is a clearly roped off area for swimmers. She foregoes the warnings and swims past the ropes. Then proceeds to what it seems like attempt to drown herself.  Obviously comes up for air as it is almost impossible to attempt to drown yourself with no assistance. Her husband cannot spot her and becomes increasingly worried. She walks out of the water safe, as her husbands scolds her.

The family settles back in for a snack. Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) cuts up a pear for her son to eat. She starts to become increasingly annoyed that couple in front of them are playing music and getting a little rowdy.

She abruptly loses it. 

With no warning, girlfriend got up with her pairing knife and proceeds to stab the man in the neck, and an additional 6 times in other areas of his body. 


Bloody and quite frankly a hot mess she sits down in the middle of the sand while onlookers try and make sense of what just happened. The Sinner Jessica Biel Must see tv


Way to go USA Network! While I generally follow shows on the major networks (with the exception on Vikings on History and American Horror Story on FX), this series will definitely be added to my must watch list. And for all my Jon Snow lovers Cora’s husband, Mason looks strikingly similar to none other than Kit Harrington. 

This show immediately grabs your attention. It is gory and equally disturbing. It is a crime thriller that focuses on the why not the act itself. A young mom, overwhelmed with responsibility, and the monotonous life, snaps with no known reason. Kinda like a lifetime movie preface with a killer story line broken up in episodes. 

This is a must watch, it aires on Wednesday nights 10pm EST USA Network!




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