Seriously, Google? I expected more from you.

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GOOGLE is in some hot water..

Come on Google, I expected more from you. google You are THE search engine, you want to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe , how to change the oil in a car,  best places to work “Google it“. I have a great relationship with google, sometimes she screws up and generates completely wrong search results and I am sad but most of the time she is spot on.

Notice my reference to this search engine, as “she”? Well apparently my love for her has been tested. There are some strong statements made by a person of influence at Google regarding women in the technology field. If this company knows what is good for themselves they should be doing something about this ASAP.

According to a published piece, a software engineer claims that the lack of women in IT is biological. I am no expert on Biology but seriously? Men do not have babies due to Biology, but to attribute an entire industry that does not many physical requirements (other than sitting in front of a computer) saturated with men to Biology? Sounds a bit ridiculous.

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Whether you agree with this statement or not, Google being behind this is a bit troubling.

We have gone through suffrage, we continually work to close the wage gap, constantly defend our position of equality to then have such a successful company spew these quite frankly sexist statements is UNREAL.

Luckily, the Department of Labor agrees and is conducting an investigation. In addition to these outlandish claims, they have also been an offender of the gender wage gap. Sexism exists and it is now more important to lead an open discussion, and focus on the concept of #fempire to continue to create awareness and growth for ourselves and each other.


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