Rules For Turning My Boys Into Gentlemen.

rules for my sons

I hold a position out of the home. It can be stressful and smothering at times but it will never contend with raising my children. I have two boys, two years apart, ages 7 and 9. Great ages, they have enough independence that affords me some much needed time to myself. I am working to raise some incredibly kind, compassionate and caring men.

Here are the rules that I have written for my boys:

  1. Always kiss your mother goodnight.
  2. Put the toilet seat up while doing your business and back down when you are done.
  3. Always stand up to shake someones’ hand and look them in the eyes. 
  4. Manners, manners, manners
  5. Don’t stare.
  6. Stand up to bullies, always.
  7. Be kind.
  8. Brush your teeth.
  9. Play hard, work harder.
  10. Hold the door open.
  11. Stay Humble.
  12. No foul language.
  13. If you fall, it is okay to cry, regroup, and get back up.
  14. Learn how to cook your favorite meal.
  15. Laundry is not a woman’s job. 
  16. It is okay to lose sometimes, it will make you appreciate winning so much more. 
  17. Be brave.
  18. Dream big.
  19. The world owes you nothing, remember that. 

rules for raising my boys

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