Picky eaters

dont panic picky eaters

I live in a household of picky eaters.

You know the ones who love PB&J’s one day then hate them the next? Get so hyped over a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday at lunch then today can’t stand to even be near a slice of cheese? Yep those buggers. I have tried and still try to get those monsters to eat veggies, fruits ,meat, cheese, and yogurt, you know basically everything!!! 

Through trial and error I have some great go tos. I try and set myself up with success by giving my kids the options to help choose dinners for the week. Repetition is key in my household. We switch things up a little each week but for the most part we follow a great food schedule. Let me tell you how much this helps me!! 

  • Monday

    • Meatball or Meatless 
      • Meatball (obvi) with spaghetti,  by themselves, or sandwiches 
      • Meatless- seafood, grilled cheese & soup, or an absolute favorite breakfast for dinner.
  • Tuesday

    • TACOS!! (Chicken tacos in the crock pot, WHHHAAATT???)
      • or anything related to tacos
        • Taco soup, enchiladas, quesadillas, chimichangas, or nachos, (yes nachos, gotta have a little fun sometimes).
  • Wednesday

    • Pork Chops 
      • Grilled with some Spicy Montreal seasoning is my favorite, or tenderloin with French’s fried onions, is a hit as well. 
      • Always a side of veggies (any) I know they won’t each much so I make sure I make the ones I like. and mashed potatoes or mac n cheese, (Velveeta Shells to be exact)
  • Thursday
    • Cheeseburgers/Hot Dogs/Grilled Chicken
      • This is my grill day and a new addition to our weekly menus. My boys love cheeseburgers and hot dogs. They are super easy and quick. I get the already made store burgers, add my cheese and BAM! quick easy dinner. I usually serve with french fries or pierogies (because my kids love them) I will make grilled chicken for myself, if I am not feeling the burger. 
  • Friday
      • Fun, easy and quick. Beats spending extra money ordering pizza and the kids will eat it up because they made it! Win win! Although there is a little clean up involved, it is still worth the memories made and the money saved!
  • Saturday
    • Seafood/Salad 
      • Linguine and clams, Mussels, Shrimp fried rice etc. Super easy quick meals that taste delicious and are easy to clean up. 
      • Egg Salad, Seafood salad, grilled chicken salad, etc. 
  • Sunday
    • Super easy Sheet Pan Dinners
      • This is my meal prep for the week and Sunday night dinner. There are many one sheet dinner recipes that you can find on Pinterest. They are really easy to prep, can make a large batch and very quick to cook. While this meal is generally for my tastes, the kids will eat the majority of the recipes. 

This is just an outline, we do go off track many weeks but is nice to have a family plan and it eases the stress of what to make for dinner.  I always add a veggie and starch to dinner unless it is tacos, soup, or pasta. In those instances I always offer a small salad or some grapes or apples. This makes me feel like I am doing a good job as a mom even though my kids suck at eating healthy. 🙂 The added bonus of my kids being involved, makes it more successful. 

Good Luck my friends! Picky eaters are the Worst!

Recipes for the unreasonables: