Pets aka man’s best friend comes in all shapes and sizes. They provide love and comfort and can aid rehabilitation. Not only are they cute but they offer numerous health benefits and provide a great addition to families. Check out 5 benefits to owning a pet on Animal Planet’s website. 

I have a gorgeous English Bulldog, she was a rescue and was given to our family when her previous owners (a good friend of mine)  were unable to keep her.  She has been an amazing addition to our family and has given our children their first dose of responsibility and reward.

While she is a super low maintenance she still requires specific attention. Bulldogs come with a number of ailments specific to the breed. You can find the pros and cons here for this awesome breed. They may be a great fit for your family. It is imperative to know as much as possible caring for our pets. Knowledge is power and safety. 

Dogs are not the only pets that can become a huge part of a family. I want to share some fun articles and cool products for our furry fuzzy friends. 

Awesome info and comments are wanted and welcomed. 

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