New Year’s Resolutions, I mean Revelations.

resolutions revelations nels

2018 could not have come soon enough. Is it just me or was 2017 a hot mess?

Between Politics, crime against women,  hurricanes, and shootings, I could not wait for a new year with a fresh start.

As 2017 neared its end,  I started to put together some resolutions for the new year. New Year, New Me, right? Well what I realized is that while writing these resolutions, how easily they can fall apart:

  1. Eat healthy-
    1. oooo chocolate cake- I will eat healthy tomorrow
  2. Work on your fitness-
    1. I need to sleep, no workout this morning. It is too cold to get out of bed… I will workout tomorrow
  3. Get organized-
    1. Laundry- put clothes away in drawer, won’t fit, no time to refold, cram them in there, no one can see it anyway

resolutions revelations nelsSo I decided that 2018 will be full of REVELATIONS not resolutions. This year will be a large reflection of who I am, why I am here, how can I  make a mark on this world and living in the present.

2018 Revelations

  1. I need the energy level of my 7 &9 year old boys
    1. Adhering to a great bedtime routine
    2. Eating food that offers energy naturally
  2. I need to feel good about myself; physically, mentally and emotionally
    1. Workout at least 3 times a week (including yoga)
    2. Focus on the nutrients in foods rather than the calories
    3. Make sure my emotional needs are met first, so that I can be amazing for my children
    4. Read- Knowledge is power
  3. Practice empathy in every situation
    1. Everyone has their own struggle
    2. Not judging a book by its cover
    3. Learning a new language- understanding different cultures.
      1. Spanish (even though I should know this, this will be the year I am fluent!)
  4. The most important thing is my TRIBE (family & friends)
    1. Frivolous spending- out, making memories- in
  5. Environmental Responsibility – According to statistics the average amount of garbage produced per person in the U.S. is 30.1 pounds a week. (source:
    1. With the lack of environmental importance in government, I am aiming to be more environmentally conscience
      1. Recycling- all day, everyday
      2. Reusable Grocery bags (making sure NOT to forget them in my car)
      3. Reusable lunch baggies
        1. no more individually packaged snacks
      4. No more plastic water bottles!
      5. Aiming for 1 bag of trash per week. We can do it!!
  6. Lastly- My life is too rushed
    1. Living in the present
      1. Capitalizing on my time management skills
      2. Focus on my surroundings rather than my destination
      3. Taking joy in every moment, even the horrible ones


So for 2018 I think I will be more likely to follow through with my resolutions, knowing that my focus is not on those specific actions but the meaning behind them.

I #encourage you to do the same. Because after all, 2018 has just begun and the possibilities are endless!!

Happy New Year!!!

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