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Nel’s Fabulous Things- Electric Wine Opener

nels fabulous things electric wine opener

You have heard of Oprah’s favorite things? Welcome to Nel’s Fabulous Things. Each article will describe the items that I cannot live without. Whether you are shopping for yourself this season or your besties, make sure to check out these products! If you love, make sure to click the link and make that purchase!

Oster’s Electric Wine Opener FTW!

electric wine opener


Yeeeeessssss!!!!! Super easy, super cute, inexpensive and AMAZING! IF you are like me and love a short cut now and then read below. This gadget is one of my favs!






uncorking wine openerI love a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a smooth Pinot Noir. I do believe wine is an acquired taste as I was not interested in wine in my early twenties. Now wine is part of frienamily gatherings and in many cases, part of a meal. The one thing I have yet to master is opening up a bottle of wine with a plain old corkscrew. I always end up with chunks of cork in my wine or taking forever to open up the bottle. But behold, one of the best inventions for the wine connoisseur……

Electric Wine Opener

It offers a sleek design, takes up minimal space on the counter and is absolutely a dream to use. No more pulling, or extra time wasted in opening a bottle with a manual corkscrew, it is  just easy peasy lemon squeezy!

It is rather inexpensive for a non-necessity item. I absolutely love it and think everyone should have one!

Tips and Awesomeness of the Electric Wine Opener

  1. Opens bottles with ease.
  2. Takes up little space on the counter.
  3. Keep plugged in and you never have to worry.
  4. Aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Anyone can use it.
  6. Inexpensive non-necessity item

Love this? Buy now, click below and get it within 2 days with Amazon Prime, because AMAZon is AMAZing!!!!!


Do you already own one? Is it your fave or do you prefer the traditional corkscrew? Leave a comment below and let everyone know!!



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