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Nel’s Fabulous Things- Corkcicle

You have heard of Oprah’s favorite things? Welcome to Nel’s Fabulous Things. Each article will describe the items that I cannot live without. Whether you are shopping for yourself this season or your besties, make sure to check out these products! If you love, make sure to click the link and make that purchase!

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You have heard of Yeti? Well this company offers the same type of product but cuter! Their line has expanded and there are many options. They do have  somewhat of a pricey price tag but totes worth it!

beach bag corkcicle I was first introduced to this amaze brand when I was vacationing with one of my besties at the Jersey Shore. As we are packing our coolers for the beach, with our lunches and mounds of snacks for the kids, we wanted to keep our wine cool for the long haul. She had received the Corkcicle canteen as a gift from a member of her tribe and was excited to use it. The company claims to keep drinks ice cold for up to 25 hours or hot for up to 12 without freezing or sweating. Cold even longer for drinks containing ice. I was skeptical at best. We were going to be in the sun for at least 8 hours. Our coolers were filled with food and no room for a canteen to squeeze in. Let me tell you how wrong I was!! After 5 hours of laying in my beach bag, no cooler around, in the hot sun, I poured the very first glass of wine in my red solo cup and it was temperature perfect! Cool, crisp, amazing!! I was shocked. The outside of the canteen was warm, even hot to the touch. The inside was the same temperature it was when we filled it with a bottle of wine. I am now forever obsessed with this brand!

Corkcicle 25 OZ CANTEEN (fits a bottle of wine)

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I currently own the 25 oz canteen in white, ($32.95) and the 24 oz tumbler in stainless steel ($29.95). The canteen I carry with me everyday. Mostly I use for water (only need to drink 3 of these babies to meet your daily water intake goals) but I will fill with wine if going to a friends or a day at the beach. IT HOLDS A WHOLE BOTTLE OF WINE!! YES I SAID THAT!!


Corkcicle 24 OZ Tumbler

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The 24 oz. tumbler is used for my coffee, however I warn you, this keeps coffee HOT, undrinkably (yes I made up a word)  hot. So make sure to keep the top off if you want to drink within the hour. I also use this with a straw and add ice for iced water or iced coffee. It keeps the temperature and the ice lasts all day! I cannot rave more about this brand.


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This year as a gift to myself I will be purchasing one of these babies. Corkcicle Wine glass. They are sold out everywhere, but rumor has it if you are in the Collegeville area, Her Hideout as them in stock! Make sure to grab yours today!

Tips and Awesomeness of Corkcicle

  1. Keeps your liquids temperature perfect for the long haul.
  2. Does not sweat- I keep the canteen in my purse and there is no condensation, ever!
  3. They fit nicely in the cup holders of your car.
  4. Perfect gift.
  5. If you purchase and plan to use everyday, consider purchasing the stainless steel color. While is is not as extra as the rest, the amount of dings and dents that your day to day use will bring, will be less noticeable.
  6. They are an investment. More than I would usually pay to hold liquids,  but absolutely worth it.
  7. The lid on the tumbler takes a little to getting used to. The mouth of it is a little thicker, so when drinking your mouth needs to be open a little more than with a coffee cup or to-go cup. Minor setback but once you start using the tumbler you get used to it in no time.

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