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You have heard of Oprah’s favorite things? Welcome to Nel’s Fabulous Things. Each article will describe the items that I cannot live without. Whether you are shopping for yourself this season or your besties, make sure to check out these products! If you love, make sure to click the link and make that purchase!

After years of frustration at finding the best fitting, most comfortable work pants, my hunt is over.



I used to be thin, like wear the same size in any store, everything looked great on me- thin. I never understood my friends struggle with clothing, variations of sizes in different stores and different styles looking right. Well, I do now.

After the birth of my two handsome, amazing boys, my body is a hot mess. I am not asking for your sympathy.  I am saying this because now I, like many other women, struggle to find the best styles to fit my newly shaped body. The styles that would look amazing before, fall flat. There is no tight shirts to be worn and although I love a good turtleneck, my double chins (dependent on the angle) would have to disagree. It has taken a while to feel comfortable in my own skin, and I still struggle sometimes with that, but I am happy to say I have found a quintessential item of clothing that just puts that extra pep in my step.

I work in an office setting. We are business casual, well honestly super caj, but I do like to look somewhat put together.

I have a love/hate relationship with clothing. I love clothing and it hates me.

I find the cutest outfits on Pinterest. Pin that sucker to my board and then head out to the store to try and copy the outfit. It is a fabulous way to shop, I swear by it, takes the guess work out of styling and usually the outfits I pick are easy to find and really rely on the accessories or layering. However I have struggled for years now on finding a pair of work pants that fit well.

I currently have a mommy tummy, my hips are wide, my butt is not full and I have thick thighs. That combination is one of the worsts in trying to fit into fitted pants. If I purchased a pair of pants to fit my tummy, the legs are entirely too baggy, if I purchase the pants to fit my legs, it will cut off circulation to the top half of my body.

How girls put pants on


I have considered purchasing maternity pants because they have the elastic waist band and fitted legs, yep I said it, maternity clothes. My last ditch effort to find the perfect work pants was written on Facebook, of all places.

Betabrand has placed ads on Facebook (and other platforms) that would continuously pop up on my news feed. Claiming that they make super comfy, yoga pant material, dress pants, that look dressy but feel cozy. I was intrigued but at a price tag of close to $80 each, I was a little put off. Girlfriend lives on a Target budget, not a Lululemon budget. So how excited was I when there was a sale?

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I ordered the black boot cut dress pant yoga pants. They offer the detail of a regular work slacks but the comfort of your favorite yoga pants. The material is strong and to anyone walking  by, they look like expensive dress pants. They are an amazing addition to my wardrobe. I purchased a couple different colors and am eager to see what new styles Betabrand will be offering. You can vote on prototypes on their website, and they offer crowd funding, so if you see an idea or have an idea you can donate to the cause in hopes of your perfect garment coming to fruition. This is a real company, for real women.  (They do offer styles for men as well)

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If you are totes excited like I am check out Betabrand here! 

I promise you will not be disappointed and you will have the most comfortable work day to look forward to ( well at least your outfit 🙂 ) And if you are looking for an awesome gift for your tribe, this is sure to please. Make sure to use EARLYXMAS coupon code for an additional 30% savings!


Happy Shopping!






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