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What You Need To Know- Get The Job Hunt Right, SAHM

SAHM job hunt

You are a Rockstar.

You spent the past years selflessly taking care of your offspring, dedicating your whole life to them and your home. And the best part? You made it through, a little battered, a little tired but still amazing! Congrats! Now time to focus on your career, but where to start, and how?

I, too chose a life of being a SAHM (stay at home mom).

The first 9 months of my eldest child’s life I was covered in baby poop, sleep deprived, lactating every other second and blissfully happy. Nothing could get me down those days. Well, except my finances. SAHM nursing

I was a young mom, two years out of college, minimal professional experience and a salary to prove it. The cost of childcare would have been the majority of my earnings and left little to pay for bills and the impending medical fees that I was sure to incur from a daycare lifestyle. My choice was easy. Stay home, eat Ramen Noodles (only half kidding) and count my pennies. That lasted for 9 months, the “recession” hit, my husband was in construction and we took a financial slap in the face. So off to find a job I went.

I was under no delusions of grandeur that I would be able to find a position that could afford daycare costs and bills, so I decided a part time position would offer extra money in the bank, no day care costs, and an opportunity for my husband to take the wheel when it came to taking care of the baby. 

9 years later, I work at an internet company in the inside sales department.

working womanThe company is great, the job is good, but it is a job, not my career. I have survived lay offs, departmental restructuring and throughout all the changes, have been able to adapt and learn, which lead me to realize the field I want to get into. 

In searching for my career, I have hit road blocks similar to what a SAHM would endure. I may have been in the workforce for years, but I lack experience in the field I am interested in. So here are some tips and steps to maximize your efforts and get this grueling process started right.


  1. Self Assess
    1. College educated?
    2. How much experience do you have in your field?
    3. What do you want to do?
      1. What are you looking to get out of this job? A career, money, make an impact or just adult conversation?
    4. What are biggest strengths and weaknesses?
      1. Remember you have a whole new set of skills.
    5. Salary Expectation
      1. Be realistic- I made the mistake of believing my amazingness warranted a hell of a lot more money that I was actually qualified for. 
    6. Company policy
      1. Family Friendly
      2. PTO
      3. Benefits
      4. Work from home options
      5. Work-Life balance
  2. Who do you know?
    1. Seriously, ask your friends, old colleagues, or family.  This is not the time to be shy. Yes, I understand you want to get this job on your own merit, and you will, but a referral from a friend opens up the opportunity that would have been most likely been missed due the job search market saturation. They may not have a position open but they can give you tips on this process, good companies to work for or at least point you in the right direction. 
  3. Brush up your skills
    1. Haven’t used a computer other than for Facebook, email and Pinterest? Brush up on those Excel skills. 
    2. Take a course at the community college
      1. Resume writing
      2. Crash course in your chosen profession. You never know, there may be some new developments. 
      3. Get certified in something related to your industry
      4. Attend a conference. 
    3. Revamp that Resume

      1. There are sooooooo many online templates, both free and paid. Do some research, find one that you absolutely love and get writing. 
      2. Add your “home” work experience to your resume. Did you run the budget for your home? Volunteer at your children’s school? Coordinate events for your children? Sell used items online? All of these are key points to showcase. 
        1. Use wording such as:
          1. “Built and maintained a household budget with one source income”
          2. “Coordinated schedules for activities and transportation”
          3. “Volunteered at local schools and teamed up with other volunteers to raise donations and run social events for over 500 people in attendance”
      3. If you are stuck, hire a professional
    4. Practice, from what you will say in the initial discussion with friends, to your phone interview, to your negotiation and acceptance of the position. It is easier to show confidence when you know what to say word for word, when on the inside you are screaming “get me out of here!”. 
  4. Use the internet
    1. Research everything beforehand. Information is POWER.
      1. The most popular resume style (according to your industry)
      2. Company culture. The company may be profitable and stable but how is it to actually work there?
      3. Find an elevator speech that you will ace every time. 
      4. Current salary for the position you are interested. 
    2. Job Boards
      6. LinkedIN 
      7. Monster and Career Builder (old school)
    3. Social Media
  5. Go for it!!
    1. Get on those job boards, ask friends and start applying. This will be a long process. Do not get discouraged.
    2. Be realistic, you need to sell yourself but you also need to know if that company is worth YOUR time.
    3. Go shopping, grab your best interview attire and put those power panties on and Slay.

As for me, I leaned on my tribe who maintained their careers. They offered priceless insight on the interview process, companies hiring and how to write a follow up email that will get the interviewer responding. After interviewing at countless places, I decided to make my own experience. I have a very distinctive field I want to get into. It is hard to get my foot in the door. This may be something you may encounter as well.
wine club

If you cannot find a company that will offer you the experience, create the experience yourself. #girlbossjob hunt suit

The workplace has changed drastically over the years. While many companies still maintain a classic 9-5  approach, more and more companies are adapting to what employees want. Offering a different set of policies, options to telecommute, paternal time off after the birth of a child, setting your own hours etc. You have a vast amount of opportunity, let’s make sure you find it!

Happy job hunting!!

Have you recently experienced this? What did you find to be particularly helpful? Any insights are much appreciated, please login and comment below and help your fellow woman. ♥

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