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It is the start of one of the last remaining weeks of Summer.  Summers are for lazy pool days, no schedules, vacations and heat. Initially I cannot wait for the summer to bestow upon us. No school lunches, no early wake times, and no bulky clothing to launder. I hit my limit mid July, when the initial promise of lazy pool days and no schedules has warn out its welcome and the constant stream of sticky, sweaty skin, fighting children and burning hot cars has invaded my life. endless summer

I have lost all motivation for exercise and healthy eating. Thank god some days it is too hot to eat, but I cannot seem to get myself motivated to get out of bed and get a workout in.  My mentality is that I am more active in the summer months; playing outside with the kids, schlepping all the stuff to the beach, watering the garden, yard work etc. Reality is I may be getting more steps in but my heart rate is not increasing, therefore no workout. 🙁  workout barbells

So what’s a girl to do? GET MOTIVATED!!!

But how? Baby steps. The past 2 weeks I have started meal planning again, so that’s a plus. But let’s be honest, its the last days of summer, I am going to enjoy them as best as I can. Why not? I have made a promise to myself that once the kids start school, the weather cools and we have a great schedule in place I will be more than willing to hit the gym, meal plan and in general get my life back in order.

success go get it

Yep, Monday Motivation. I am feeling good about the weeks to come…


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