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How is your financial health? Mine could use some work. I work and never seem to have any money, I bet a lot of you reading this will relate. Alternatively, you may fall into the category of  women who have a nice padded bank account, college funds set up for their children, decent sized 401K and possibly some stock options.  Well you are ahead of the majority of us. According to, women lack investing confidence (totes), they don’t feel in control of their finances (yep, me right here), they are concerned about retirement and financial future(yes what am I going to do when I am old and brittle and cannot work??), women want more information and involvement ( pick me, pick me), and women’s investments perform just as well, sometimes better, than men’s. (well, duh) 

So how? How do we do this? What is the magical answer? 


Information is power. There are companies out there that work solely with women. They focus on the the needs of women, women owned companies, women’s products, basically all things women. And who better to invest in than ourselves?

Below are links to very informational articles on what we can do now to make the right choices for our financial future. Please feel free to leave comments with any advise or information you have found very helpful. Remember we are building our #Fempire with our tribes!!

empowered women empower women
The news is terrible. At every turn it seems like there is a mass shooting, a natural disaster, a financial crisis, hate.... The positives are few and far between so I set out to find some greatness to focus on. Below are some women, from many generations marking the world ...
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SAHM job hunt
You are a Rockstar. You spent the past years selflessly taking care of your offspring, dedicating your whole life to them and your home. And the best part? You made it through, a little battered, a little tired but still amazing! Congrats! Now time to focus on your career, but ...
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credit cards
Imagine this. You have been working hard your whole adult life, paid everything on time, have a stellar credit score, consistently monitor your score because you are saving up to buy a house or that killer sports car you have been coveting. You are #adulting like a mofo and BAM ...
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retirement beach
Money, Money, Money!! via GIPHY Now that I have your attention, we collectively work our entire lives in some capacity. Whether you focus on raising a family, and/or soaring through your career, you have put in lots of strenuous hours and would like to reap the benefits in your senior ...
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In the United States, the gender pay gap is measured as the ratio of female to male median yearly earnings among full-time, year-round (FTYR) workers. (source:Wikipedia) A hot topic up for discussion. In the recent months, Hollywood is shining some light on this on going issue. Bringing it to the ...
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DACA- Deferred Act For Childhood Arrivals program A program put in place by President Obama to help alleviate the stress of the DREAMers Act ( a piece of legislation put in place for the children of immigrants to have a clear path to citizenship in 2001) after it was stalled ...
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danielle vogl fempire
Danielle Vogl, CAMS® - AML Detective of the Privacy Police My name is Danielle, and while I don’t own a business or offer anything people may buy, I am responsible for something near to many people’s hearts, their privacy and identity. As the Privacy Officer for SEI Investments I’m responsible ...
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witchsy penelope and kate
I am embarking on a new venture. This website. I have huge dreams and plans for this site and am super excited to get things going. My plan is to have this brand well-known and well-received. Looking to get "merch" (as my kids call it) or "swag" (as I call ...
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netflix homepage
I am a very big fan of Netflix. It is definitely my go-to for binge watching and streaming movies. It ranks higher than Amazon Prime Video in my book. I started to notice a growing collection of comedic movies that tend to be popular with our stoner friends. Funny movies, ...
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Aldi grocery
Grocery shopping is a pain. I love a good bargain and the competition with myself on how much I can save that week in groceries, but the hours spent at the grocery store you can never get back. In this day in age we now can take advantage of grocery ...
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