Meet the Candidate- Wayde Weston PV School Board

Wayde Weston PV School Board

Meet Wayde Weston. He is running for PV School Board. 

PV school board candidates

20 Things About Me

  1. My wife Cindy and I have been married and living in Collegeville for 28 years. 
  2. I’m a Pennsylvania native, born in Philadelphia and grew up in Langhorne, Bucks County.  Until I was 6 years old my family lived on a farm, which is now the site of the Oxford Valley Mall.  For the mall’s groundbreaking ceremony, they blew up our silo!
  3. I graduated from Neshaminy Maple Point High School in 1977 and recently attended my 40th high school reunion; loved seeing my old friends!
  4. In high school I played trumpet in the band, sang in the choir, and took part in the school plays and musicals.  Favorite role: Mr Applegate in “Damn Yankees”!
  5. After high school I joined the Army and trained to be a medical laboratory specialist.  I was stationed in New Jersey, Texas, and Virginia.
  6. I went to Haverford College in Haverford, PA, majoring in biology.
  7. I played rugby in college and was also the leader of an a capella singing group.
  8. After college I earned a PhD in biology from the University of Pennsylvania.  That’s also where I met my wife!
  9. I worked in research for several years at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and then started working in the pharmaceutical industry.  I’m currently employed by Pfizer.
  10. My wife and I have 2 kids.  Our son is a student at Emory Law School in Atlanta and our daughter is a junior in high school.
  11. We also have a dog, a King Charles spaniel named Charlotte who keeps us laughing!
  12. I have a brother and a sister that live in Illinois, and a stepbrother who lives in Alabama. 
  13. I think I’m a pretty good cook.  I love to bake bread and I have a killer cranberry sauce recipe that I bring out at Thanksgiving.
  14. I used to make beer, but haven’t brewed a batch in a long time.  I gave it up for bread baking.  If I start a batch of beer in the morning, it’s a few weeks before I can offer you a drink, but if I start a loaf of bread in the morning, I can make you a sandwich for lunch. 
  15. Our family loves to travel.  My wife and I just took a hiking trip in England this past summer; we had a great time!
  16. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, but haven’t practiced in many years. 
  17. Favorite food?  Pizza or pasta.  Least favorite food?  Lima beans.
  18. Bucket list item – Learn to play the mandolin.
  19. I love to watch poker tournaments on television.  My family cannot understand this.
  20. If I hadn’t become a scientist, I think I would have tried to become an actor.  I’ve taken classes in voice acting and hope to be able to do this as a second career someday. 

PV School board candidates

Mr. Weston is aca-awesome! (Where are my Pitch Perfect lovers??) YES PIZZA FOREVER

If you want to learn more, or just have some questions you would like answers to please visit Meet The Candidate and join the discussion.

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