Meet The Candidate- Judy Lofton PV School Board

Judy Lofton PV school board

Judy Lofton for PV School Board

“I am running for school board because as a parent,yard signs Judy lofton I’m concerned about the changes I’ve seen in the schools in the past few years. I believe an excellent public education system is the cornerstone of a strong community, and I want to work to be a part of that. I have worked for 20 years in adult education, developing and implementing continuing education programs for health care professionals, and doing related advocacy work.” -Judy Lofton

20 Things About Judy Lofton

  1.  I have one older brother who lives in Hoboken.
  2.  I have four teenagers. 2 Caesareans and 2 VBACs. They are all taller than me and two are driving, but they will always be my babies.
  3.  I have been married 20 years to my husband Charlie.
  4. I was a girl scout troop leader for 6 years. The most challenging experiences we had as a troop (think giant spiders) were also the most memorable and created the strongest bonds.
  5. I also was the troop cookie manager for several years. I can tell you much more than you would ever want to know about girl scout cookies.
  6. I was on the crew team for four years in college.
  7. My morning must start with coffee.
  8. We have four cats and a dog. And a bunch of goldfish from the carnival.
  9. Yoga keeps me sane.
  10. I grew up in New Jersey, and it isn’t really summer to me until we have been to the beach.
  11. My favorite family vacation was probably our trip to Arcadia in Maine.
  12. I kickboxed and did karate for several years. I made it up to red belt but never tested for my black belt.
  13. This summer we drove 24 hours straight to visit my husband’s family in Oklahoma. I am officially too old to ever do that again.
  14. Pasta is my comfort food. And pizza.
  15. It bugs me that kids aren’t supposed to climb trees anymore.
  16. I love to really belt out a song but apparently my singing voice is horrible. So I have to really crank up the music.
  17. I earned a BA from the University of Pennsylvania in the Biological Basis of Behavior, and an MS from Drexel in Technical and Scientific Communication. Yes, I am a nerd.
  18. I had my knee reconstructed when I was 19 because I tore my ACL skiing. It still gives out sometimes.
  19. I am self-employed and am so grateful that I can work from home and be here for my children, but sometimes it gets lonely.
  20. Peace, love, kindness, respect, integrity. That’s what really matters.

never stop learning PV school board Lofton

Why do I relate so hard to this candidate???

From her reason for running, her must have coffee in the AM, her love for singing (but not really great at it) and her admission of being a “nerd”?

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