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Living Your Best Life-Hacks: Wine Edition

According to :
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Wine sales tilt towards the female demo.

Women made up 57% of wine sales in 2015 according to the Wine Market Council report, while representing only 33% of beer sales and 40% of spirits.

Wine is a staple in my home and my gatherings. The options vary and aid in the atmosphere and taste of offerings. Below you can find some useful and obvious hacks that have come in handy more than I would like to admit.

Great to know, better if you happen to have this on hand.



no wine opener hack

Fabulous on so many levels

wine grape hack

KEY OPENER HACK.  You are welcome.


Love a BOX-O VINO? They last longer, less expensive and some taste amazing. However, not interested in the judging looks or having your beautiful tablescape ruined by an awkward box? DECANTERS!


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Brand new bottle of warm white vino waiting for you at home? Chill it in just 20 minutes with a damp paper towel wrapped around the bottle set in the freezer! paper towel chill wine hack

Cheap bottle of vino? Not sooo tasty? Blender to the rescue. Pour into blender, turn on 20 seconds, pour in a glass. Viola! No one will know you spent only $8 on that bottle.

red wine pour

Broke the cork? That is the worst. Easy fix, grab a coffee filter, place over wine bottle spout, and pour!

coffee wine

Opened up a crisp bottle of white wine? Drank only one glass? Wine spoils quickly. The oxidation process starts immediately after opening. Slow down this process by popping the cork back in and laying the bottle on it’s side. wine bottle side storage hack

Skunked vino? Pour it in a ice cube tray and pop it out when you need wine for cooking.
Wine club


Dining al fresco? Leave that little swig left in the bottle to the side. This will attract the flies, thus leaving you to enjoy your meal.

wine hack outside

Now go enjoy your favorite glass!!




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