Life Hacks

Living Your Best Life-Hacks: Home Edition

The start of Living Your Best Life (Hack) Series

Life is busy and can be incredibly complicated. living your best lifeWe all need short cuts sometimes, and all these little tidbits can help. I will be sharing some of the Life Hacks that I have benefited from and hope you can benefit from too!

Because I have boys and the store bought ice packs rip apart and ooze blue gel everywhere.

life hack 1 frozed saturated

Is it not the worst to type on a keyboard and it wobbles?

 Keyboard hack

This is brilliant! And so obvious 🙂

water bottle hack

Pizza forever!

pizza hack

The battery struggle is real.

battery hack

Excellent when the lights are out, or you are just trying to creep through your house without turning on the lights and waking up the family.

water bottle cell phone hack

Even with these directions, I still can’t seem to get it right.

bed sheet hack

Drink Plenty of H20!!

water drinking hack

I cannot believe I didn’t realize this sooner!

clothing hack

I hate cleaning, but love looking at a clean space. (Ironic  I know)

shower hack



Happy Life Hacking!!

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