Lights Camera Action

lights camera action


I heart movies, girilie movies, oldie films, horror flicks, comedies…

the list is endless. movie theater popcorn One of my favorite things to do is go to the movies. We have a Movie Tavern in our area. It is amazing. Eat, drink and watch a movie. The food is decent, drinks are par with restaurants in terms of pricing and the popcorn, is well movie theater popcorn and by far, my absolute favorite. There is something about a big screen, dark room and popcorn that gets me every time. movie tavern theater




I am always looking for a good movie to watch. Dependent on my mood, movies can offer an escape into another world, much like books, and I love living vicariously through others. I believe it gives us perspective, sometimes we all need a little perspective.

Check out my movie page for some reviews on my very favorite movies. Feel free to add your own reviews and suggestions.

Happy Watching!  



The Boob Tube

TV has come a long way. Black and white, to remote controls, to fast forwardintv setsg through commercials, to TV on Demand, and now full season availability. Binge watching has become a cultural norm and I am happy to be part of it. From OnDemand, to Netflix, to Hulu, the amount of viewing hours is endless and the opportunity to catch up on the most talked about show is at the touch of a mouse or click of a button. 

Click on my TV page to view my most watched shows, newest info on TV and feel free to add your comments, and let me know about your “Must See” TV.