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Let’s Be Honest- Sunday Shopping Is The Worst.

grocery store

The grocery store, Sunday, the worst. grocery store sunday shopping

Let’s Be Honest:

  1. I do not understand why the entire family has to come to the grocery store together. 
    1. I love my children but grocery shopping with them is the worst.
      1. I end up spending at least $25 more on unnecessary food items. 
      2. My thirty minute shopping trip has turned into an hour and a half, and I have forgotten at least 5 things on my list. 
    2. Husbands are also not a necessity. What is it with them in my way? Literally, grocery store etiquette states you treat an isle like a street. 
      1. Stay on the right hand side as you are browsing the shelves.
      2. Make sure to take note of the oncoming traffic, do not dart onto the other side of the isle to grab your can of Spagettios, wait your turn.
      3. Also, do not stand in the middle of the isle. Do you stand in the middle of the road? Same concept. 
      4. If you have to hit the grocery store with the family, help your wife with the children. Not only does she have the list, she will most likely be making the majority of meals (unless you are great in the kitchen, bless you by the way) Don’t just stand there as your wife pleads with your 3 year old to put back the glass jar of capers that no one likes. Take the jar, stop the drama and keep moving.
      5. Do not rush the process, unless you have something positive to contribute, do not whine about how long it is taking, we do not want to be there either, and we certainly do not need your man child attitude.  
  2. Parking lot antics
    1. Sunday is the busiest day of the week for the grocery store. Many people work during the week and the only day for shopping is Sunday. 
      1. 5 almost accidents at any one given time. 
      2. Apparently people forget how to drive on Sundays, in parking lots, at the grocery store. All common sense seems to leave their bodies.
    2. It is like a cart cemetery out there. Carts half on the ground half on the curb, darting out of the cart return, left in the parking space. 
      1. Serious, all you non-cart returning offenders, no one likes you, no one. You are lazy, disrespectful and deserve the finger. Moral of the story, return the damn cart!carts parking lot Sunday shopping
    3. The speed limit is slow. Not fast, you are not any more important than anyone else trying to get in and out of the parking lot. Act accordingly. 
  3. Check out lines. 
    1. For serious, it is Sunday, what do you expect? It is going to be busy, you are going to wait. 
    2. It is not the cashier’s level of incompetence, it is your lack of patience.  We are all in this insanely long line, just wait it out like the rest of us. 
    3. The infamous coupon clipper, I have nothing against you. As a matter of fact I am impressed, however, if the expiration date of the coupon is from last month, do not call a manager over. The coupon is expired, it can’t be used.  The mere definition of Expired is (of a document, authorization, or agreement) cease to be valid, typically after a fixed period of time. So no, you cannot use that coupon. 
  4. OR avoid the grocery store on Sunday, all together. 
    1. Make the effort to go to the grocery store during the week, sans the family. 
      1. Not only will it not be busy, but you are sure to get in and out quickly and
        1. Not forget the majority of your list
        2. Save the extra money that would have been spent and get yourself a bottle of wine. 
    2. Wake up super early, hit up a 24 hour grocery store, stop at your favorite coffee shop and cruise the isles by yourself, no kids hanging on you, no husbands standing in your way, fresh delicious coffee at your fingertips. Peace and quiet.women shopping
    3. Friday night shopping!
      1. Grab your girls, tell the husbands/ significant others you are going grocery shopping. Meet for a glass of wine and some girl time. Enjoy yourself, then speed through the grocery store with the exact items on your list and head home. Two birds, one stone. 
    4. Online Grocery service, I will admit I have not taken advantage of it yet, but some of my friends swear by it. Places like Giant, Wegmans and Amazon offer grocery delivery and pick up service. 

If you are still dead set on grocery shopping on Sundays, please do not be one of those people I have mentioned. Go into your shopping trip with no expectations, a lot of positivity and patience. 

Good luck and may God be with you. 

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