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Let’s Be Honest- I Am Over School Lunch, Already.

school lunches

Just a month and a half into school, and I am totally over packing lunches. 

A couple years ago, I though of the amazing idea to make my boys pack their own lunch. GENIUS right? Well, not so much. 

Initially this idea was fabulous! How perfect, give the kids some responsibility, one less thing I have to do, and they will eat their lunches. After all they packed them, added snacks of their liking, so GENIUS!

hot dog school lunchFast forward a couple years later and we are somewhat back at square one. The GENIUS idea started out great, I would supervise their lunch making abilites, help them when needed and their lunch boxes would come back empty. They had eaten everything! Perfect, they would tell me each week what they wanted for lunch and I would grab it at the grocery store. So as the weeks progressed I trusted their lunch making skills and left it to them. BIG MISTAKE. 

Well balanced lunches turned into snacks for all. Three cheese sticks, two gogurts, two juice boxes, three bags of chips…. #momfail

chipsNow, back at square one. My youngest prefers to buy lunch at school. The idea of him having to figure out his lunch now, is too much. He just doesn’t want to think about it. Fine, makes it easy. At least now I do not have to be on top of him for lunches but on top of myself to make sure he has lunch money on his account at school. I can handle that, although he is now buying additional snacks everyday, which is making buying school lunches a little more expensive. 

As for my oldest, variety is the spice of life, and the death of me. Trying to figure out what he wants week to week is a guessing game that I usually lose. I purchased a economy size box of Uncrustables, and he has yet to take one to school. Last week he couldn’t get enough of chicken noodle soup in a Thermos and this week he’d rather not touch it. While this is not a life or death matter, this is a huge hindrance to my positive intentions of my work week. 

So needless to say, I am already over packing school lunches. game over post it

Anyone else feel the same? Do you have any go-to winning lunch ideas that are sure to please my children’s palette? If so, please comment below. Share your favorite recipes, and some tips that help you in your school lunch making game. 

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