iOS 11: OMG! Is it everything?

apple iOS 11

For all my techie friends, I was not impressed with the iPhone 8 series or even the iPhone X. Yea it has face recognition,  a really fast processor, and a super cool camera but for the $1000 price tag it better come with a chauffeur, a chef and a cabana boy. iOS 11 is a whole different story.


Couple fun new features.

Customize the Control Center

Finally!! Find Settings then Control Center.  You can choose which buttons to hide and which ones you want to see. There are new buttons, including an option for Screen Recording. This feature lets you record the activity on your phone as a video, what? AWESOME!
300x250Static iBN97 NFC Bluetooth Stereo FM Clock Radio

More options with the Live Photos

When Live photos first came out, I thought they were pretty cool. Now add in the Instagram like features and it is amazeballs! Like Boomerang and Long Exposure. Look at us, editing photos like we know something 🙂

Drive Safely

This is pretty awesome and long overdue. Let’s be honest, we are all guilty of texting while driving, our cars do not allow usage of the phone functions while in drive, so why do our mobile devices? When you are in your car and start moving the Do Not Disturb feature is applied. It can respond to messages for you and you can alter the settings in the Settings under Do Not Disturb.

New APP Store

Pretty cool, streamlined, great for developers and gamers. 

Ask Siri

Siri is temperamental. I love her, but sometimes she is a hot mess. How many times I have I found myself yelling into my phone? More often than not. But she has a new function of being able to turn on your favorite tunes. That is nice. But the catch, you need to have subscribed to Apple Music. We see what you did there Apple. 

One-handed typing

Now, I can get used to this. This feature is perfect for the Plus model. No more using third party apps like Gboard to get this feature.  Press and hold the emoji button on the keyboard and the settings will pop up. You can choose which side. For me I am right handed, so the right side of the keyboard is my go to. 

Screen Grab

One of my favorite new features. Before, you could take a screenshot, send it in an text to a friend, or go to your photos edit it then send and then delete it off your camera roll. Well now you can do all those things without entering in and out of apps like camera roll or a photo editor. GENIUS. The process is streamlined. It is awesome, this is especially beneficial when signing documents or altering a photo. Quick and easy. Try it!

Now to the great stuff- Messages

1. Apps and stickers
YEEESSSS! In your keyboard, there is an App Dock, you can scroll over to add more Apps and each app offers their own set of stickers! Stepping up your iMessage game.
2. Screen Effects
Echo- perfect way to get your point across by using this effect to display your message over and over again. 
Spotlight- pretty cool when trying to highlight your point. 
3. Group messages got you stressed? Too many dings, no time to answer them? Mute them easily, when in the Messages app, swipe left across a conversation and tap Hide Alerts.



For the iPad

In mainstreaming devices, Apple has added the docking feature to the iPad similar to the Apple computers running macOS. And finally DRAG AND DROP features. Similar to every other operating system it seems, you are able to highlight something from the split screen and drag it the other other split screen. Thanks Apple, this should have been done ages ago, but I do appreciate it. There also some fun things to note about the Apple Pencil, you can access the iPad without typing in a password, just click the screen with the pencil, and you can use what is known as “instant markup” with PDF documents, screenshots and emails. Woohoo, now to be able to afford the amaze Apple Pencil with the $1000 Apple X and my monthly mobile service fee. 

iphone camera iOS 11


The overall look of iOS 11 is pleasing to the eye, the lack of new emojis is a bummer but they are to come out with an update so that is exciting. However the new emojis do not include Red Haired peeps, come on Apple, the red heads are one of us, they should be represented accordingly. 

What is your favorite new feature? Comment below. 

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