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I am the worst.

I am literally a facade. I look like I have it together most days, I even fool myself. But the truth is I am a hot mess and my most important job suffers. I have no idea how women do it. Working full time, rushing to cook dinner then back out the door for sports, I mean I am tired just thinking about it. I honestly cannot handle it. Really. Truly. This is too much for me. I can’t get a workout in, in the morning because I will literally fall asleep at 7 pm. I need some “me time” every day. Just quiet no one asking me for chocolate milk or if I can look up an account.

tired mom worst mom Being a mom today is the pits.

Nothing I do seems to be the right thing. I work, for money, but also to show my boys that mommies can do everything. I research all. the. time. I try not to curse in front of my kids, I plan play dates, volunteer at school, give my kids responsibility, but somehow each day I am lacking. And I have no idea how to not be a BAD MOM.

The thing that sucks about being a mom is that you have no idea if what you are doing is right. At least not until your kids are grown up and they are either an asset to society or a hot mess.

You see, in this day in age the internet is a huge asset. You find so many articles on how to raise your kids. The best food for them, the amount of screen time that is beneficial, the benefits of team sports, cheat sheets on elementary school math homework, but no matter how much research and information, I know I must be doing something wrong.

mom boys worst bestI had kids early (relative to my tribe) I am considered a “young mom”. The car ride consists of today’s hits not kids friendly itsy bitsy spider. My go to for some “mom time” is to let the kids watch TV, and as much as I am a stickler for eating your dinner, I will be the first one to offer my kids a bag of Doritos as a snack. We are a big snack family. I seldom buy organic food (other than meats) and I allow my kids to play in the back yard while I binge watch a show. I strive to be a “play” mommy, you know the moms that get down and dirty with their kids? Playing kickball, board games, and running through the sprinkler. I try, but most days I am too tired.

What made me realize that I am the worst, was when a close group of mom friends (you know who you are 🙂 ) were texting about Picture Day at school.

school pictures worst momI was trying to figure out which package would be the best bang for my buck. As the conversation progressed over half of the moms were happy that I had mentioned something about picture day because they had completely forgotten. The conversation veered into the BAD MOMS territory. Each mom sharing how they had failed that week at their most important job. IT WAS AMAZING!! I have never felt more understood in my life.

My kids are amazing tiny humans, they are kind, compassionate, hard workers, but they are also filled with too much energy, attitude and dirt. I hope that when they grow up that my decision to allow all day screen time, Doritos as a food group and the freedom to make their own mistakes was the right choice.

Take this quiz and let me know how you fare.

Are you the worst like me? If so, we will be friends for life! If you are a good mom, congrats! You are doing way better than I am! Maybe you can bestow some wisdom on us BAD MOMS.


Have you forgotten Picture Day at School?

Have you missed the BUS?

Have you forgotten Spirit Week at School?

Have you hidden candy from your kids, so you do not have to share?

Have you given your kids ice cream for dinner?

Have you faked ill so that you can lay in bed all day?

Have you let your kids go unbathed for over 3 days?

Have you let your kids go to bed without brushing their teeth?

Have you dropped the F bomb in your kiddos presence?

Have you given your children non- organic food?

Have you given your child meds in the AM so they can go to school fever free just so you can take your own "sick day"?

Have you let your kids have over 2 hours of screen time?

Have you let your kids watch an age inappriate movie or show?

You are a BAD MOM!! 🙂

Hey! I am too! Truth is we are all "BAD MOMS" at times but we are doing what we think is best and our children are loved. It doesn't matter about all these trivial things. You are rocking it as a mom and if you need any help make sure you find your tribe and lean on them. After all it takes a village!!
You are a GREAT MOM!

Congrats! You are meeting social expectations as a mom. You are doing great and have it all together! Better than me that's for sure. Make sure you surround yourself with other moms, and offer your expertise. After all it takes a village!! #empowerwomen

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