Bienvenida, Welcome,  Soyez la bienvenue to my site!

This is my first ever blog post! Yay!!!!! Let’s get excited!!

I have to say, I thought WordPress was going to be a lot easier to work with. I was DEAD wrong.  After hours of frustration (me frustrated ↓↓↓)Frustrated pulling hair out crazy hair stressed in just trying to set up the main page with an image I decided to change my theme. Thank god I did. Also, can I get an “AMEN” for YouTube?? Thanks to this wonderful person kimmimebaby  I was able to learn how to use this theme and the site is looking better each day!

I am super excited to get things going on here. I plan to update the site a couple times a day with news, my thoughts, fun tidbits, hysterical memes and videos. You know all the stuff you find hilarious  and want to share but don’t want to blow up your friends Facebook feed because they may not share your tastes?? Yep, all those!! At least I know if you visit this site you actually like the info I am sharing so I will continue to share the shit out of it!

It is a drab Monday morning where I am; the summer excitement is dwindling and the anticipation of regimented school days, cool bonfire weather, and #psl pumpkin spiced latte starbucks basic fall coffeeis becoming increasingly enticing. If you are anything like me, I only like hot summer days when I am either hanging by the pool or lounging on the beach. The rest of the time I am generally a sticky, sweaty mess and cannot seem to cool myself down, no matter how many iced coffees or bottles of water I drink. I am in no way ready for a Northeastern Winter but a nice cool down, would be amazeballs!

As much as I hate the heat, I love a good thunderstorm.  Watching a scary movie or reading a thrilling book with spark of lighting and a crack of thunder in the background is heaven. flash flood canoe street jersey shoreAlthough with summer thunderstorms come flash floods, and I could do without water running down the streets. The jersey shore was met with some incredible amounts of water in the streets this summer. But leave it up to the die hard shore goers, canoeing in the streets. Now that is making lemonade with some lemons!! 

That’s all I have for now.. Keep checking back to see what else is on my mind….

Endless possibilities hope future prosperous

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