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I’d like to think that I am healthy and fit. I work out 4-5 times a week, I eat relatively healthy, but I do enjoy my sweets and fried food. The extra pounds around my waist prove my infatuation for all delicious morsels of fat inducing, sweet satisfying foods.

As of late, I have not been able to make it to the gym as often as I like and I have been relying on at home workout videos that I have pinned on Pinterest. My go to workouts are kickboxing and HIIT.  Check out this dude. My fav is the women on the left hand side. She is working it and dying at the same time, she is all of us, she is amazing 🙂

I call these my stress killers. They are quick, fat burning, sweat inducing little pieces of heaven, that help put a pep in my step and give me the confidence to take on the world. In reality my 7 year old who refuses to brush his teeth this morning because he just did it last night and he didn’t eat anything while he was sleeping so there is NO WAY his teeth are dirty. Tell that to your stank morning breath my man.

My motto get in, get done, get out as fast as you can! 

And remember……





I want to steer the conversation to a healthy lifestyle. Not body image. The media has a great way of making us feel inadequate. If you are not a size 2, 6 ft. tall and are in the shape of your life, you are somehow less attractive. You could be the woman who cures cancer but if you don’t resemble a Gisele Bunchen or Kim Kardashian you are looked over. Let’s make a pact to change the conversation.

I am raising two young men. I want them to strive for an equal, a strong formidable woman, who is intellectually stunning, charismatic, and kind. I want them to understand the difference between true Beauty and being Beautiful.  I am no longer the size 2 that I used to be but I am stronger than I have ever been. My boys love to play with my jiggly belly (courtesy of their adorable butts) and have innocent questions about “why my belly jiggles and so and so’s mommy’s belly doesn’t” I like to teach them that, mommy’s belly may jiggle but her arms and legs are so strong that I will carry them out of a burning building all by myself.

My focus now is to not have the super model body, but to have the body that has enough energy to take on my day. The body that helps me learn new things, gives me initiative, offers me capability, allows me to focus on the road ahead instead of the trail behind.

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