Frienamily (Your Tribe)

frienamily tribe

I call this my”tribe”.

These are the people you surround yourself with. The people that make you feel good about yourself, support you, make you laugh, are there to console you when you cry. There to slap a bitch when she is flirting with your man (or woman), there to offer guidance, there to help raise your children (it takes a village), there for everything. These are your people. Your choice, and those bonds you have with them can be tighter than any bond you have with your Bloodline.

Members of your tribe come from anywhere. They could be childhood friends, college friends, work friends, or even your cousin’s best friends older sister’s ex boss.  I am in awe of the kind, compassionate women that have come into my life and remained a staple.  Grateful is a great way to express my feelings towards  these people in my life. They all bring a certain aspect that makes your life vivid and bright. The great thing about this is you can choose your frienamily.

Hover over the pictures below for some insights on creating, cultivating and embracing your tribes.

democrats elected
Who Was Elected, And Why It Is Important.
Ever since the election of our current President, our country has been in turmoil. Yesterday, we had our chance to
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Shannon Spencer local elections
Meet the Candidate- Shannon Spencer for Collegeville Borough Council
  I, Shannon Spencer,  am running for Collegeville borough council because I want my town to be a more community-oriented
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community bonfire Halloween
Women- Bringing A Community Together.
A community that has recently been stricken with an awful letter spewing words of hate has come together once again
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Sarah Calvin, candidate, trappe council
Meet the Candidate- Sarah Calvin for Trappe Borough Council
Sarah Calvin is running for Trappe Borough Council. Don’t know much about her? Read on. 20 Things About Me: For
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Wayde Weston PV School Board
Meet the Candidate- Wayde Weston PV School Board
Meet Wayde Weston. He is running for PV School Board.  20 Things About Me My wife Cindy and I have
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Meet the Candidate- Beth Roberts PV School Board
Meet Beth Roberts. She is running for PV School Board. 20 Things About Me: I prefer colorful hair–pink, purple, blue,
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trappe borough council candidates
Meet The Candidate- Peter Addalli for Trappe Borough Council
Meet Peter Addalli is running for Trappe Borough Council. 20 Things About Me  I am 28 years old and this
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Gene Halus PV School Board
Meet The Candidate- Gene Halus PV School Board
Gene Halus is running for Perkiomen Valley School Board because he is a parent of PV students and an educator.
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Judy Lofton PV school board
Meet The Candidate- Judy Lofton PV School Board
Judy Lofton for PV School Board “I am running for school board because as a parent, I’m concerned about the
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Aidsand F Wright-Riggins III for mayor
Meet the Candidate- Aidsand F Wright-Riggins III
If you are local to Collegeville listen up! In just two short weeks we will be voting on leadership. Don’t
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