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    Hola my fellow book worms! Welcome! So excited for this platform and to get the discussion started!
    Starting out monthly we will have a discussion on a selected book. The book will be selected mid month, every month for the following month’s discussion. Did you get that? Mid month, every month for the following month? 🙂 The date of the discussion will be selected at the beginning of that month, usually right around the third Monday of the month, at 8:30pm EST.
    You can get in on the decision making process by voting on the book on Page Turners page. There will be three books offered, one weeks time for votes (2nd week of the month). The new book will be announced the end of that week. Once the site becomes SUPER POPULAR, because we know it will, we can start adding in books per month, and get a couple discussions going at a time.

    How to participate.
    1. Make sure to Register here create your user name, it can be as obscure as you like.
    2. Purchase the Book (link provided in forum/social media)
    3. Read Book
    4. Follow me on Facebook @Nelsfempire Twitter @Nelsnotes Instagram @Nelsnotes for the most up to date information.
    5. Mark your calendars for the date of discussion.
    6. Jot down questions, answers, and topics you would like to discuss.
    7. Day of Discussion
    A. Login
    B. There will be many topics open for discussion. Click into topic, go ahead and comment!
    C. Create your own topic (have social anxiety? no worries we are all here for the same reason, to discuss a book without getting dressed and leaving the house) GO FOR IT!
    D. Make sure to keep an eye out on your discussion. The beauty of this is that you can add a comment at any time. A little too sleepy to finish your discussion? Check back the next morning and add a comment! So fun!
    8. Make sure to share share share! The more you do, the more people can join, the better the discussion can be! Could you imagine being a part of a Virtual Book Club with over 1 million members! Being able to discuss a book with people from across the world?? HOW AMAZING!!

    That’s it! Super easy! If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, or if you would like to be a moderator feel free to leave a message or email me at

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