Fitbit Blaze

fitbit blaze

Invest in a FitBit or smart watch.

It is incredibly empowering once you have completed an unbearable workout sesh. The sweat is dripping, you can barely catch your breath, your muscles are screaming at you and you may be seeing stars (not the best thing for you but nonetheless). You feel like Wonder Woman, strong, efficient and accomplished, but how accomplished?

There are a lot of fitness gadgets to help you in your fitness journey. Ones that catalog steps, sleep patterns, heart monitors etc. but which one is the best? Being a woman who works in an office some of the gadgets are a bit too sporty to wear everyday. I like a sleek looking fitness tool that can aid with multiple tasks. The Apple Watch is definitely a fan favorite but with a $300 price tag falls short to meet all of my requirements;

  1. Tracks steps
  2. Sleep cycle information
  3. Calories burned
  4. Clock
  5. Connects with iPhone (text message, phone calls, control music)
  6. around $150

The Fitbit Blaze is sleek, offers interchangeable bands ( and meets all of my requirements. It offers an app on iTunes and delivers great information on a weekly basis. In addition to my fitness goals, the app offers the ability to set alarms to aid in time management and reminders.

The online forum is an amazing motivator and allows me to team up with my tribe and have competitions to see who can take the most steps in a day. I wear the FitBit Blaze daily, while is it not waterproof, I still love the sleek design and the interchangeable arm bands. It is no APPLE WATCH but it does the job. 

fitbit multi watch

I love my Fitbit Blaze and cannot recommend it enough. Plus with 6 easy payments on QVC, it is a no brainer that will help you reach your fitness goals and keep money in your pockets!




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