Women in Politics

women in politics

As my mission for this site states, I want to #enlighten women.

We need to know what is actually going on in Politics. Not the fluff, the #FakeNews, the social media propaganda. This page is going to be for the REAL information. The actual actions that are taking place. The articles will be straight forward bipartisan information.

women in politics god bless americaI will be adding information on candidates running in local elections. What is happening on the state level, what policies are changing and what this actually means for women.

Feel free to comment with your opinions but understand this website is for women. All women, young, old, black, white, golden yellow, pink, purple, yogies, foodies, moms, grandmoms, great grandmoms, runners, couch potatoers, stoners, caffeinaters, lesbians, non-lesbians, women who wish they were lesbians but just aren’t, book worms, techies, fighters, peace makers, warriors, bosses, crafters, listers, joke makers, you get my point?

The only thing I ask is that you get involved! SAY SOMETHING!

If something is happening in your community that goes against who you are as a women, speak up. We need to be heard, we need to be informed, we need to ban together! 

Do you have a hot topic that you want to discuss? Any questions you need addressed? Or maybe you want to reach out to a candidate and ask the hard hitting questions. Please join the discussion on Time to  Discuss. No topic off limits and invite your friends to join in on the conversation! #engagewomen



Upcoming election: Meet The Candidate

If you or someone you love is running for office please send them my way! Let’s get to know the candidates. #enlightenwomen

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