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I have great delusions of grandeur when it comes to entertaining. In my head I think “Pinterest” but the outcome is more “dollar store” which all together isn’t that bad but  definitely lacks the mood I want to set. I think of Sandra Lee with her amazing tablescapes and want to emulate them so badly, but then go into an immediate panic attack with the idea of getting all the beautiful items, placing them perfectly on the table and then the two hurricanes I call children come sweeping through breaking everything in their wake. I need to romaine calm.

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I also need a middle ground. I  want to eat amazing things and present them deliciously on the table, without all the hard work involved. Do not get me wrong, slow roasted beef brisket, turned and basted every 30 minutes is mouth watering but unless I have days to prep or a sous chef, ain’t nobody got time for that! Dinner Party Invitations

I have entertained numerous times and have successfully set the mood with some quick easy menus that are sure to please your eyes and your tummy!

I hope while reading through my posts you will find some useful easy fun info for your entertaining pleasure!

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