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Do I need a Keith Mann? Do you?

witchsy penelope and kate

I am embarking on a new venture.

This website. I have huge dreams and plans for this site and am super excited to get things going.  My plan is to have this  brand well-known and well-received. Looking to get “merch” (as my kids call it) or “swag” (as I call it) for promos for my readers.

As a woman, I am expecting to be faced with a lot of resistance.  Not only will I be starting something new, but I am in the market for sponsors (aka investors) for this site so I can make this my primary income. Great idea right? Doing my part to pave the way for women. Bringing info and insights to topics that are rarely discussed by women with women. But what happens when I do start to get “big”?  Will I be taken seriously? What sacrifices will I have to make to make this hugely successful? Will I need a Keith Mann?

Keith Mann, a male co-founder of Witchsy, an e-shop. Or is he? 

Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer founded Witchsy an e-shop that sells NSFW risqué crafts like “Harry Pothead and “Butthole Spider” patches. These women were finding that while working with mostly male developers and designers, their response time was less than stellar. And when they would receive a response it would have a condescending tone like “Listen, girls….”

Enter in Keith Mann, (aka Penelope or Kate). Once “he” joined the group, responses were rapid and directed to “Keith” and not “Boy” or ‘Man”. Interesting…..

Is it sad that while I find this absolutely inexcusable, I am not at all surprised. We live in a man’s world. No matter what angle we try, there is always a trait to be thrown back in our faces. 

These two founders dodged sexism by creating a fictitious male counterpart. They were able to create a successful #fempire bringing in $200K in total sales. 

So I pose the question, do you think I need a “Keith Mann”? Would it be smart to hire “Keith Mann”? 

Should I get a Keith Mann?

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