I didn’t vote for Trump, but maybe I should have?

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The Trump Administration has been in hot water since Trump’s inauguration.

It was a very sad day for me for more than one reason. Heads were spinning, people crying, and racists rejoicing. It is no secret that Trump’s actions and decisions are questionable at best. His persona and the way he conducts himself is sub par of what a person should be in a position of leadership. However, he is good at one thing, and that is creating BUZZ.

Practically everyday Trump turns to Twitter, to voice his opinion on anything and everything. Many times in the most outlandish ways. And he is AMAZING at it. He is so good at getting the country to focus on his tweets that what is really going on in the background is rarely talked about and goes unnoticed until too late. Bravo President Trump, you are a master at your game, until now.

trump President Trump may think he has gotten one over on the country, but what he didn’t count on was the coming of age of the new generation. The millennials. This generation, which I am proud to be a part of, is changing the way the world works. From information gateways to the way wine is ordered, we are a generation who has created social media and  we expect instant access. Some may call us entitled, I call us ambitious. 

Gone are the days that men are better, stronger, smarter than women. Women are fed up with that mindset and are no longer afraid to stand up and say something. #metoo

With hastags like #metoo, #fem2, #youOKSis etc. Horrid incidents are coming to light and it is blowing up Hollywood’s and Politics’s spot. With the magic of social media, when something goes viral it reaches millions in a matter of minutes, and is offering transparency in what used to be incredibly easy to keep hidden.

And what is so awesome about this is that we are listening!!!! We are getting enraged, we want to make a difference. We want more information, we want answers, we want transparency and us “entitled” ones are not afraid to ask. We are not afraid to put our noses in places that once were solely for the “old white man”. Many of us are starting or have started our own families. We are constantly researching the best food, exercise, clothing, and products for ourselves and our children. We want to know things, unlike Jon Snow. We tend to make our own decisions, not really relying anymore on the thoughts of our parents or grandparents. While many older Americans can impart wisdom, a lot of their ideologies do not hold true in this day in age. We understand that, we still love them dearly, but we think for ourselves.

Times are changing, under handed methods and cover ups stand no chance against this generation.

The trickle down effect has entered into local elections. Many states have seen a huge increase in voters 39 and under, more and more women are voting, more are taking an interest and it is showing. States like Virginia and New Jersey are taking a stand and “regaining our values”.

school boardLocally, the community is catching onto tactics and raising awareness through social media. The recent elections had my community cheering for the newly elected officials, however, some shenanigans that the members of the local school board thought would go unnoticed are coming to light. Interestingly enough, a member of the school board is stepping down, to allow for another member to be appointed to her position in hopes to keep that UNELECTED member as part of the board. Sorry, you are totes busted!!! We all want what is best for our children and if you are willing to underhandedly take a position in which you had lost in the election, what exactly are you showing our children? (insert mic drop here) Better yet…


If you are local to the area and want to know more about this School Board mishap, please email me at michelle@nelsnotes.com and I can give you more info on potential candidacy and/or the meeting place and time.

To get back to the title of this article, if I would have known the impact Trump’s presidency would have on me and the people of this country, maybe I would have voted for him.

Ha, yea right who am I kidding, I would have never voted for him. However, if it wasn’t for the way he is handling the presidency I would have never taken a serious interest, never found my voice, never paid attention. It is amazing to see some Republicans start to band together with Democrats for the greater good. Realistically, the country works best when all parties are involved, all different points of view, all ages and demographics, and thanks to President Trump, whether he likes it or not, this is totes going to happen.




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