Did She or Didn’t She?

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This quiz focuses on “Did She or Didn’t She” (true or false) on some random facts on women. Some food for thought. Let’s test your knowledge and see how you fair?

When free birth control was distributed, it had little to no effect on teen pregnancies?

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A study was performed that distributed free birth control to young women. Over the next few years, the women had approximately 72% fewer abortions and 80% fewer teen pregnancies than the national average.

The Isreali Army consists of men and women and they are treated equally on the battlefield.

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Women were allowed to enter combat roles in the Israel. They performed at a level equal to men, but the program was still abolished for two reasons, i.e., Islamist fighters refused to surrender to women, and the men in the unit would lose all combat discipline when a woman was injured.

Women were burned alive in South Asia if they were widowed.

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In South Asia, widowed women were once routinely burned alive on their husbands’ funeral pyres. A British general outlawed it, saying “This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile, but my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them.”

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt only allowed female journalists at her press conferences.

NY Daily Times
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As First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt allowed only female journalists at her press conferences, ensuring that newspapers would have to hire women. – Source

Mini Golf was created because women were not allowed to play golf.

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Mini golf was invented in 1867 because women couldn’t play ‘real golf’ because Victorian manners meant women couldn’t raise clubs over their shoulders on backswings.

In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to fly an airplane.

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In Saudi Arabia, women are allowed to fly aircraft, though they must be chauffeured to the airport because it’s illegal for them to drive a car.

Women are more likely than men to commit suicide.

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Women are twice as likely to initiate a suicide attempt, but men are four times more likely to succeed.

Male underarm sweat is considered a relaxation tool when applied to a woman's upper lip.

Medical News Today
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It has been found that applying male underarm sweat to a female’s upper lip helps relax women, boost their mood and help regulate their menstrual cycle.

In France women could charge their husbands with impotence.

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In France in the 1500s, women could charge their husbands with impotence. He would have to become erect and show he could ejaculate in a courtroom. If he failed, he could demand a Trial by Congress and attempt to have sex with his wife in front of the experts.

There are no Parliaments in the world that women outnumber men.

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The Parliament of Rwanda is the only governing body in the world where women outnumber men.

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