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foodie face
Not all coffees are created equal
via GIPHY Coffee is Life. Kidding, not kidding. There is nothing better than waking up, fixing your favorite cup of joe and sipping your way to a great start of the day. The origin and history of coffee dates back to the 10th century, and possibly earlier with a number ...
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Aldi grocery
Grocery shopping is a pain. I love a good bargain and the competition with myself on how much I can save that week in groceries, but the hours spent at the grocery store you can never get back. In this day in age we now can take advantage of grocery ...
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kumo sushi sashimi dinner wasa bae
Miso Hungry When this kids are away the mommy will play. Enter in Kumo Japanese restaurant. I heart sushi so hard, but sushi tends to be expensive and my kids do not share my affinity of this amazing cuisine. I am missing my boys, as they are on vacation with ...
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Food is not only essential but has become a mainstay in gatherings.

Business meetings, play dates, even open houses all seem to include an element of cuisine. You dare not ask friends over for cocktail hour and not have some type of snacks present. But what happens when for the life of you, you cannot think of what to serve, where to eat, what to make or you are in an endless monotonous food cycle where you are eating the same thing everyday, making the same dinners, going to the same restaurant, and making the same protein smoothies for an after workout pick me up? There are many websites that offer some great alternatives with recipes, ingredients list, and even how to videos but how do you decide if the recipe is worth it? Trial and error I suppose, or a great review by a close friend or family member. I have some go tos that I love and are winner for my kids as well.

Check out my articles for some tested *mom approved* and tested *kids approved* recipes and ideas.


Feel free to share your favs too!




I would like to think my kids are open to new and exciting things, but the truth is they may be into new and exciting tricks with bikes, or how to body slam your brother in a way that sounds like the house is falling down, but when it comes to food, chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers are in and broccoli and carrots are out. I do not blame them, I did not care for veggies when I was little either but the truth is they need the nutrients to grow and be strong. So how the heck do we ensure they get their nutrients?? I personally like the old school method, “you get what you get and you don’t get upset”. Eat your dinner and that is that. But sometimes the #struggleisreal and I am too tired to fight with them about dinner. It is way easier to go through the drive thru on the way home from work than to actually go home and make a well balanced meal, that is incredibly under appreciated. So through trial and error I have found a great way to get around these picky eaters, a way to not spend my whole night in the kitchen and a way to make a meal that I enjoy along with the kids. And guess what it is not hard at all. It does take some planning and some covert operations but it can be done!! Jerry Seinfeld’s wife, Jessica has some fabulous ideas. She wrote this book ↓↓↓   and with a little extra effort you can get those kiddos (and husbands) to get some much needed greens in their life.




I have great delusions of grander when it comes to entertaining. In my head I think “Pinterest” but the outcome is more “dollar store” which all together isn’t that bad but  definitely lacks the mood I want to set. I think of Sandra Lee with her amazing tablescapes and want to emulate them so badly, but then go into an immediate panic attack with the idea of getting all the beautiful items, placing them perfectly on the table and then the two hurricanes I call children come sweeping through breaking everything in their wake.

Charcuterie board entertaining delicious foodI need a middle ground. I also want to eat amazing things and present them deliciously on the table, without all the hard work involved. Do not get me wrong, slow roasted beef brisket, turned and basted every 30 minutes is mouth watering but unless I have days to prep or a sous chef, ain’t nobody got time for that! I have entertained numerous times and have come up with some quick easy menus that are sure to please your eyes and your tummy!




Never going to run around and DESSERT you……

dessert table

If you are like me and have a serious relationship with all things sweet this the page for you. No matter what diet I am on or where I am, sweets will always be a part of my life. They are the one thing I will never break up with, give up on, or ignore. If you haven’t deducted by now that I do not like these long, time consuming, complicated, ingredient rich recipes, then you clearly have not visited my food pages. I am going to rock your world with my obsession with sweet treats, and please feel free to share your favorite easy recipes too!