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Chicken Tacos FTW!

taco tuesday

Tuesdays are for Tacos!

I am not joking, the writers of the Lego Movie were not wrong when they celebrated Taco Tuesdays. This idea has been a life-saver for me ever since I was introduced. Add the crock pot into the mix and you are set up for success. 

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Tacos are an easy and tasty meal to make. Most kids love tacos and they can be made out of practically anything. A couple years ago I was struggling to find easy go-to meals that would please my spawns and would offer some vital nutrients.

Enter the TACO. 

More specifically, the chicken taco. Tender, stringy, moist chicken breast, seasoned to perfection. Topped with cheese and any fixings in a flour taco, makes a delicious addition to my meal line up for the week. 

I personally love a good taco chicken salad.  i fill my plate with greens, chicken and fixings and go to town. Don’t forget to add sriracha sauce for the added spice. 

Are you in love yet? If not, check out the easy recipe below and maybe then you will be convinced!

Chicken Tacos in Crock Pot

  • raw chicken for tacos1 lb of chicken breast (about 2 big breasts 🙂 )
  • 1 packet of Taco Seasoning (or your own fabulous mix)
  • 1 cup(jar) of Salsa (my fav is Pace Picante Sauce) salsaCombine all ingredients in the crockpot in the AM and you are set. Even better, forgot to thaw your chicken? No worries, put those frozen breasts in and they will cook up beautifully.Low 6-8 hours
    High 4-6 hours

Once they are done, shred up the chicken right in the crockpot and get ready to serve. 

Add the chicken to your shells (hard or soft no preference here) Add your favorite fixings. I like tomatoes, lettuce, onion, kidney beans, avocado, sour cream, cheese and sriracha sauce. And viola! 

taco fixings


You are welcome. 



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