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Appetizers To Please Appetites On Thanksgiving

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The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in the US. Families and friends gather around to share food and love. Spending hours cleaning, prepping, cooking, eating, napping and cleaning up again. It is a family tradition, a fun and exhausting one, especially for women. This year will be the …

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15 Ways to Ensure You Have a Totally Unruly Day

15 ways to ensure you have a totally unruly day

You know those days when everything seems to go wrong? Like completely and utterly unruly? And no matter how much you set yourself up for success, you are a hot mess and can’t get out of your own way? via GIPHY Below are 15 ways to ensure you have a terrible day. 1.Start your day …

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TEACHERS change the world one CHILD at a time.

kids classroom teachers

We are settling into the school year. As each year comes, it gets easier and easier to adapt to the schedule and sharing my children with others, especially their teachers. I know this sounds very possessive, but at one time, it was incredibly hard to watch my boys board the school bus. Knowing that I …

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Words That You Never Knew Were Dirty.

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“Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” Wrong. So wrong. Women have been fighting for equality for decades. It seems like we take a step forward, then 80 million steps back, all the damn time. What can we do as women to collectively, one day at a time, change …

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Living Your Best Life-Hacks: Wine Edition

According to : Wine sales tilt towards the female demo. Women made up 57% of wine sales in 2015 according to the Wine Market Council report, while representing only 33% of beer sales and 40% of spirits. Wine is a staple in my home and my gatherings. The options vary and aid in the …