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This Is Me- Unapologetic

unapologetic 2019 single taken hustlin

“I’m unapologetic not because I’m strong-willed or overconfident, I’m unapologetic because this is it; this is my life. There is nothing I can do, no one I can please. I am a person with a strong sense of being, that’s all.” ~ Jean Seberg 2018 was not kind to me. That seemed to be the …


New Year’s Resolutions, I mean Revelations.

resolutions revelations nels

2018 could not have come soon enough. Is it just me or was 2017 a hot mess? Between Politics, crime against women,  hurricanes, and shootings, I could not wait for a new year with a fresh start. As 2017 neared its end,  I started to put together some resolutions for the new year. New Year, …

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Women- Bringing A Community Together.

community bonfire Halloween

A community that has recently been stricken with an awful letter spewing words of hate has come together once again to celebrate Halloween, thanks to two women. I have lived in the community for 10 years, and have driven past this beautiful log cabin nestled on a wooded plot, hundreds, if not thousands of times. …

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15 Ways to Ensure You Have a Totally Unruly Day

15 ways to ensure you have a totally unruly day

You know those days when everything seems to go wrong? Like completely and utterly unruly? And no matter how much you set yourself up for success, you are a hot mess and can’t get out of your own way? via GIPHY Below are 15 ways to ensure you have a terrible day. 1.Start your day …

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What You Need To Know- Justice for Workplace Misconduct


Dirty, Filthy, Rich executives.  Arrogant, self righteous assholes.  The amount of them is obnoxious and right under our noses.  Hollywood’s worst kept secret has been unveiled and the amount of women he has victimized is unreal. Harvey Weinstein numerous attempts to turn Hollywood’s starlets into Hollywood harlots,  is an embarrassment to all powerful male executives.  The amount of …

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Thirsty Thursday in your Thirties

thirsty thursday in your 30s

Thirsty Thursdays has an entirely different meaning in your thirties. Long away are the days of hot, sweaty bodies gyrating to the sickest beat. Going to bed at 2 am waking at 6 am without the slightest slow in your step. And the ability to wear the same size in every store!   As much …

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Create your YES! In a world of NO.

create your yes in a world of nos

Why is it every time something amazing happens, it is followed by some type of set back? Not all large set backs but a set back nonetheless. High School graduation, you got accepted into a fabulous college, top choice! You work your way through 4 grueling years of 8 am classes, 2 am parties and …


The Importance of YOU!

woman with possibilites

Women are amazing, capable SUPER human beings. There is no denying that we can rule the world, if we aspire to do so. Between the jobs, the kids, the volunteering, the cooking, cleaning, meeting with friends, spending time with our significant others there is little time if any to remember yourself and what interests, just …

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Bridgette Petrino- Mommy Needs A Timeout

Petrino mommy needs a timeout

Bridgette is the Founder & Owner of Mommy Needs a Timeout. Once she became a mom she poured everything into her kids, and left nothing for herself. This eventually led to her having a breakdown, and that is when Mommy Needs a Timeout was born. Now she reconnects moms with their identities outside of being …