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This Is Me- Unapologetic

unapologetic 2019 single taken hustlin

“I’m unapologetic not because I’m strong-willed or overconfident, I’m unapologetic because this is it; this is my life. There is nothing I can do, no one I can please. I am a person with a strong sense of being, that’s all.” ~ Jean Seberg 2018 was not kind to me. That seemed to be the …

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Women- Bringing A Community Together.

community bonfire Halloween

A community that has recently been stricken with an awful letter spewing words of hate has come together once again to celebrate Halloween, thanks to two women. I have lived in the community for 10 years, and have driven past this beautiful log cabin nestled on a wooded plot, hundreds, if not thousands of times. …

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Create your YES! In a world of NO.

create your yes in a world of nos

Why is it every time something amazing happens, it is followed by some type of set back? Not all large set backs but a set back nonetheless. High School graduation, you got accepted into a fabulous college, top choice! You work your way through 4 grueling years of 8 am classes, 2 am parties and …

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Look What You Made Me Do -T.Swift

taylor swift new song look what you made me do

  This song is H-O-T, HOT! T. Swift has had some major hits, and some serious mishaps with other artists. What I love about this song is how Swift subtly calls out the parties involved. Taylor  isn’t putting them down, being derogatory, or mean hearted. She is just saying she is not taking it anymore. …

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Guilt, unfortunately it comes in many forms.

Women's guilt

Friend guilt, wife guilt, mom guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt….. Why is it that no matter what we do as women there is always something in the back of our minds nagging us, making us second guess our decisions? Hindering us from sharing good news with friends, declining an invite to dinner, or passing up an …


Evaluating your friendships; Value over Volume

friendship frienamily tribe

When I was younger I valued my friendships with so many people. I had befriended different groups; athletes, book worms, religion buffs, goths, girlie girls and band geeks. The sheer volume of friendships afforded me the feeling of being loved.  I was able to share a little piece of me with everyone and they would …