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This Is Me- Unapologetic

unapologetic 2019 single taken hustlin

“I’m unapologetic not because I’m strong-willed or overconfident, I’m unapologetic because this is it; this is my life. There is nothing I can do, no one I can please. I am a person with a strong sense of being, that’s all.” ~ Jean Seberg 2018 was not kind to me. That seemed to be the …

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What you need to know about the Gender Wage Gap

In the United States, the gender pay gap is measured as the ratio of female to male median yearly earnings among full-time, year-round (FTYR) workers. (source:Wikipedia) A hot topic up for discussion. In the recent months, Hollywood is shining some light on this on going issue. Bringing it to the forefront of many agendas. But …

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Danielle Vogl -AML Detective of the Privacy Police

danielle vogl fempire

Danielle Vogl, CAMS® – AML Detective of the Privacy Police   My name is Danielle, and while I don’t own a business or offer anything people may buy, I am responsible for something near to many people’s hearts, their privacy and identity. As the Privacy Officer for SEI Investments I’m responsible for ensuring the protection …

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Melissa Swartley-Master II Level Stylist

Melissa Stylist Fempire

  Hi, I’m Melissa. After several failed attempts at “figuring out what I want to be when I grow up”, I decided to enroll in cosmetology school as my next endeavor. After 2 years at my first salon and training under a framesi educator, I was approached by a family member who was opening her …

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Bridgette Petrino- Mommy Needs A Timeout

Petrino mommy needs a timeout

Bridgette is the Founder & Owner of Mommy Needs a Timeout. Once she became a mom she poured everything into her kids, and left nothing for herself. This eventually led to her having a breakdown, and that is when Mommy Needs a Timeout was born. Now she reconnects moms with their identities outside of being …

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Christina Szewczuk- Wishes Family Travel

christina Wishes Family Travel

Christina Szewczuk is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and also holds a B.A. from Rutgers University. Originally from Southern New Jersey, Christina is a married, BMX & Basketball Mom of two great kids who enjoys the beach, exploring new cities, and, of course, visiting Disney Destinations. She is involved in her community in the suburbs of PA …

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Do I need a Keith Mann? Do you?

witchsy penelope and kate

I am embarking on a new venture. This website. I have huge dreams and plans for this site and am super excited to get things going.  My plan is to have this  brand well-known and well-received. Looking to get “merch” (as my kids call it) or “swag” (as I call it) for promos for my …

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Dig in Fitness-Marci Thear

dig in fitness marci thear #fempire

My passion for fitness and nutrition started over 20 years ago when I became a gym member after graduating college. I was hooked on the energy of group fitness and achieved my certification from WITS (World Instructor Training) with the sole goal of teaching to pay off my certification. However, it turned into a passion. …

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20 Things About Me.

michelle nel bio pic

Meet Me, the author.  My middle name is Nellie, Nel for short. (hence Nel’s Notes) I (the author)  am 29 years old with 4 years experience.  I am an only child. At any given time I may break out some dance moves. I always have some catchy tune stuck in my head. One would think …

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Kristen Kovacs

spin class

  Hi!!! My name is Kristen Kovacs and I’m a spin instructor at BodyRide Studio!  BodyRide is a boutique Spin and Barre studio tucked away in Limerick, PA. I live locally with my husband and two children; Tyler(7) and Bridget(2). I’m originally from South Florida and have been in the area for 8 years.  I …