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Let’s Be Honest- I Am Over School Lunch, Already.

school lunches

Just a month and a half into school, and I am totally over packing lunches.  A couple years ago, I though of the amazing idea to make my boys pack their own lunch. GENIUS right? Well, not so much.  Initially this idea was fabulous! How perfect, give the kids some responsibility, one less thing I …

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Let’s Be Honest- Sunday Shopping Is The Worst.

grocery store

The grocery store, Sunday, the worst.  Let’s Be Honest: I do not understand why the entire family has to come to the grocery store together.  I love my children but grocery shopping with them is the worst. I end up spending at least $25 more on unnecessary food items.  My thirty minute shopping trip has …

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bad mom great mom

I am the worst. I am literally a facade. I look like I have it together most days, I even fool myself. But the truth is I am a hot mess and my most important job suffers. I have no idea how women do it. Working full time, rushing to cook dinner then back out …

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TEACHERS change the world one CHILD at a time.

kids classroom teachers

We are settling into the school year. As each year comes, it gets easier and easier to adapt to the schedule and sharing my children with others, especially their teachers. I know this sounds very possessive, but at one time, it was incredibly hard to watch my boys board the school bus. Knowing that I …

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What you need to know about DACA- Facts vs. Hype


DACA- Deferred Act For Childhood Arrivals program A program put in place by President Obama to help alleviate the stress of the DREAMers Act ( a piece of legislation put in place for the children of immigrants to have a clear path to citizenship in 2001) after it was stalled in Congress. DACA did not …


Rules For Turning My Boys Into Gentlemen.

rules for my sons

I hold a position out of the home. It can be stressful and smothering at times but it will never contend with raising my children. I have two boys, two years apart, ages 7 and 9. Great ages, they have enough independence that affords me some much needed time to myself. I am working to …

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Guilt, unfortunately it comes in many forms.

Women's guilt

Friend guilt, wife guilt, mom guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt….. Why is it that no matter what we do as women there is always something in the back of our minds nagging us, making us second guess our decisions? Hindering us from sharing good news with friends, declining an invite to dinner, or passing up an …

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Aldi, the most underrated grocery store ever

Aldi grocery

Grocery shopping is a pain. I love a good bargain and the competition with myself on how much I can save that week in groceries, but the hours spent at the grocery store you can never get back. In this day in age we now can take advantage of grocery delivery services that do the …

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Teacher Assignments

timed out connection lost

  My current situation……     via GIPHY Time of year when we are awaiting our teacher assignments. This sets the precedent for the year to come. I am anxiously awaiting what teachers are going to influence my children for 180 days.  And of most importance to my children, which friends will grace their presence …