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Bridgette Petrino- Mommy Needs A Timeout

Petrino mommy needs a timeout

Bridgette is the Founder & Owner of Mommy Needs a Timeout.mommy needs a time out

Once she became a mom she poured everything into her kids, and left nothing for herself. This eventually led to her having a breakdown, and that is when Mommy Needs a Timeout was born.

Now she reconnects moms with their identities outside of being a mom, without the guilt.

She is married with three daughters (twins plus one.) She hates to cook, loves to write, and is addicted to practicing inversions.

She believes that we are not just meant to SURVIVE motherhood, but to THRIVE through motherhood, and that we CAN have it all.


Take the free 5-Day Brave & Bold Challenge. Your life is waiting. www.bridgettepetrino.com


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