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20 Things About Me.

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Meet Me, the author. 

meet the author

  1. My middle name is Nellie, Nel for short. (hence Nel’s Notes)
  2. I (the author)  am 29 years old with 4 years experience. 
  3. I am an only child.
  4. At any given time I may break out some dance moves. I always have some catchy tune stuck in my head. One would think my kids would be embarrassed,  but nope they join in on the dance party.
  5. I love scary movies. My favorite is Halloween (the 1978 version)
  6. I drink Dunkin Donuts coffee like water. 
  7. I love Starbucks, but only their specialty “expensive” drinks.
  8. I love to read “Smut” books. I read the Fifty Shades of Grey series 10 times over. 
  9. I pretend I know what I am doing when it comes to raising my boys but the truth is I am clueless. 
  10. I refuse to spend over $15 on something off the clearance rack at Target, but I will spend close to $5 on a grande Starbucks white chocolate Americano (yes I see the irony)
  11. I graduated college with a degree in Management, Marketing, and a minor in Advertising.
  12. I suffer from anxiety, and I sweat like crazy, and I am okay with it. 
  13. I have an addiction to sweets, I am a big meat eater, and sushi is my go to dinner out. 
  14. My dream job would be to work on my laptop on the beach in the summer, and from my beautiful living room overlooking the lake in the winter. (of course I would need a beach and a mountain/lake house for this but that is what a dream is #amiright?)
  15. My favorite season is Fall (PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!)
  16. I always break out in a tiny sweat when I am paying for a large order at a store. A little part of me is always worried that my card won’t work and I will be shamed and have to put all the items back. 
  17. I have a scar on the right side of my face that originates from my mouth. I bit a sample perfume bottle when I was three, and on my worst self loathing days I feel like I look like the joker. 
  18. I have a deep voice for a woman. I used to be super self conscious about it, but now, ehh not so much. 
  19. Donkeys are my favorite animal. They are highly intelligent, super strong and don’t trust easily.  (sound a bit familiar?) 
  20. I am very talkative, and friendly. But sometimes I can’t stand the sound of my own voice (thank you my children:) ) 

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