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Why live in black and white when you can live in bold technicolor?  Not that there is anything wrong with black and white; a nice, slinky black dress, nice shiny black pumps, and cool breezy white blouse. A crisp glass of white wine, too, but I digress. Living in color, engaging, enlightening, empowering and encouraging women is what I desire to do. Living boldly, doing what you want, making your own destiny…now that sounds fabulous.  That’s my #sidehustle, what’s yours?

My mission for this site is to engage, enlighten, empower and encourage women.

I want to offer a place for women to come and find relevant information and feel connected to others. I am eager to tackle topics including, but not limited to; investments, health, fitness, family, food, careers, movies, TV, books, and friendships. I want to encourage women to start conversations about topics that in the past have been directly related to men. 

Engaging women is something I have never found hard to do.

I pride myself on the ability to cultivate relationships both personal and professional. However, my goal is to engage through my written words, which I have never done before. I hope to be able to clearly convey my thoughts and create a connection between myself and my reader. 

Enlightening my fellow women on topics that are lost in the noise.

There is so much information out there but what is the most important? What is relevant? What do I really need to know? I am looking to cut out the noise and offer insights on news, technology, products, family, friends, money, TV/movies and food. You know all the good stuff.

Empowering women is essential.

We have so much to offer outside of our traditional (insert eye roll here) roles. One reoccurring theme I am finding while reading through articles is that women lack confidence. We are incredibly capable, but for some reason the majority of us cannot seem to convey it properly. We use words like just and sorry as part of our day to day life.  Sorry, I didn’t catch that… What the hell are you sorry for? Just a little reminder How about: This is a reminder.  We feel the need to soften the blow.  We do not want to come off as a bitch. I, too, catch myself using these words. I want to empower women to break that cycle. never apologize

Encourage each other, there are enough haters ready to see you fail.

The world is full of critics. It is time to focus on bettering yourself by bettering others. When you lift up others, you lift yourself up in the process. Women share so many of the same struggles daily, are faced with the many of the same decisions and experience the same joys of accomplishment. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone through my news feed and read “Made the best (insert awesome recipe here) love my Instapot” -Awesome “Got x,y,z done and it is only 10am! I am so productive today!” -Get it girl! “Hit my goal weight!”- That’s right girlfriend! Hard work pays off!! I love seeing these posts, they are little insights into other women’s lives and it is refreshing to witness.

awesome and bomb diggityThis site is an open forum, a sound off if you will for all things women. I am striving to continually offer relevant information by way of noted articles. I encourage you to engage in conversation, be enlightened and empower each other through your words.

Thank you for visiting my site! 

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